DigiSnakes & DigiLink — Pro Tools | HD Systems

DigiSnakes & DigiLink — Pro Tools|HD Systems


  • All DigiSnakes are 110 ohm digital grade cable (except TDIF-TDIF data cable)
  • TDIF-TDIF DigiSnake is for TDIF use only. Use only on TDIF digital connectors.
  • The +4/-10 Padded DigiSnake is an output-only snake for use only on the 192 I/O +4 dBU output port. You can use any other snake for the 192 I/O -10dBv input connector.
  • The ProControl snake has one DB25 connector with a reversed pin-out to match the ProControl. If you use this cable with other gear, the channels will be reversed (ie channel 1 will appear on channel 8, channel 2 will appear on channel 7, etc.).
  • Please use the cable bales for connector stress relief.


  • The 100' DigiLink cable is only qualified for audio with sample rates up to 96 kHz
  • To ensure signal integrity with 192 kHz sample rates, you must use 1.5' DigiLink cables between I/Os

Please note: each HD core (HD1, HD2, or HD3 system) comes with one 12' DigiLink cable, for connection of your HD I/O to the core. Each HD I/O comes with one 1.5' DigiLink cable, intended for chaining a second HD I/O to the first HD I/O via the expansion port. The HD system is limited to one additional HD I/O attached to the expansion port of a first. Given this, if you have three, five, or seven HD I/O's, you most likely will want to purchase an additional one, two, or three 12' (or longer) DigiLink cables to connect to HD Process Cards.

For more information on Pro Tools|HD cables, see the DigiLink, DigiSnake, and DigiSnake Kits FAQ in the Support section of the website.

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