Mac OS Requirements — Digi 002 with Pro Tools LE 5.3.2

Mac OS Requirements — Digi 002 with Pro Tools LE 5.3.2

Approved Mac Operating System — Mac OS 9.2.2

Version 2.5 FireWire extensions or later required for non-English versions of OS 9.2.2

  • Earlier versions of FireWire drivers will not recognize Digi 002.
  • WARNING: If you are running a non-English version of OS 9.2.2, you may need to download the version 2.5 FireWire extensions, otherwise the Digi 002 will not be recognized.
  • Apples version numbering system of these extensions varies with different language versions of the Mac OS. FireWire Enabler v2.7 and FireWire Support v2.7 were Mac OS Extensions included with North American English Mac OS 9.1.
  • If you are running the North American English version of Mac OS 9.2.2, running the Software Update Control Panel will update your extensions to the most recent version if you do not have them:
    • FireWire Enabler 2.8.5 or higher
    • FireWire Support 2.8.5 or higher
  • To find out which version you have of these extensions, check your Extensions Manager, or look in your both your System Folder > Extensions and Extensions (Disabled) folders
  • Both of these extensions must be enabled in your System Folder/Extensions folder in order to mount and use Digi 002 or FireWire drives.

Settings & Requirements

  • Mac OS Base Extension set and Digi System extensions (See Pro Tools Mac FAQ #1 for more information)
  • Set default cache (in the Memory Control Panel) to "Custom, 512k"
  • Set Energy Saver Control Panel to "Never"
  • In the Appearance Control Panel, disable "Smooth All Fonts On Screen" and change system font to other than "Charcoal"
  • If Norton Utilities is used it must be Norton Utilities v4.0 or higher to ensure compatibility with HFS+
  • When using Digidesign™ Control Panel, turn off Platinum Sounds in the Appearance Control Panel

Known Issues:

  1. The "Quicksilver" G4 models require OS 9.2.2 to run Pro Tools LE 5.3.2. If you have an earlier version of OS 9.2, you should run the Software Update Control Panel to update to Mac OS 9.2.2. Users should not attempt to install OS 9.1, or run OSX, (including Classic mode), with Pro Tools on these machines. The Quicksilver G4 models have been tested with the Mac OS as shippped from Apple on these machines, with a dual boot system which includes both OS 9.2.x and OS X. It is absolutely necessary to boot from OS 9.2.x in order to run Pro Tools. Although you cannot use Pro Tools with OS X or in "Classic" mode under OS X, it is not necessary to remove OS X from these "Quicksilver" G4 computers.
  2. Additional Mac OS Notes: If your Mac did not ship with OS X pre-installed on it, You should not install OS X on the same partition or hard drive with Mac OS 9.x that you use as your startup drive. This can cause disk directory damage and loss of plug-in and software authorizations. Whenever installing Mac OS X or updating Mac OS X, you should remove any and all key disk software and plug-in authorizations from your hard drive before updating your OS, then re-authorize your software.
  3. Pro Tools currently does not utilize the second processor in dual processor Power Mac G4 models. If problems (such as -6042 errors) occur when using Pro Tools on a Dual Processor CPU, Digidesign recommends the following: Download and install ApplePCI - Apple Multiprocessor and G4 PowerBook Expansion Chassis Fix
  4. PCI Graphics G4 models are not supported with the Digi 002. See Apple's tech archive on how to differentiate between AGP Graphics and PCI Graphics G4 models at: Power Macintosh version history and specifications are available at and