SampleCell II PCI Cards

SampleCell II PCI Cards

Incompatibility with older SampleCell II Cards & The Blue & White G3 and G4:

A rev "QC" or later of the AMCC chip is required for Blue & White G3 and G4 compatibility. This rev number appears on the AMCC chip following number "5933". Older versions can cause your computer to hang while booting or when launching Pro Tools or DigiTest. QC or higher chip is required for compatibility with the PCI 2.1 spec. Ways to identify these boards are in the grid below:

S/N's Below
Manufactured Before
Board Rev Before
SampleCell II - PCI
Rev D

If a customer has previously updated their board (or received a refurbished card), the serial number will remain the same, but the board rev will be updated (and the AMCC chip will have "QC" or later). Cards with the rev "Q" chip can be upgraded. Please contact Digidesign Technical Support by phone to arrange for a return authorization. Registration is required.

Note: All SampleCell II Plus cards are newer, and therefore already have the compatible chip. (the SampleCell II Plus cards are the same as the original SampleCell II PCI cards, but with the included 32 MB of RAM soldered on the card)