Power Macintosh Beige G3 - Digi ToolBox XP Requirements

Power Macintosh Beige G3 - Digi ToolBox XP Requirements

Beige G3 Processors of all speeds supported

Mac OS 9.0.4 required (OS 9.1 not tested with these models)

QuickTime 4.1.2 or higher required with Pro Tools v5.1.1 (QT v4.1.2 included with Mac OS 9.0.4, Pro Tools installation CD, or download the standalone QuickTime 4.1.2 Installer from Apple. QuickTime 5.0.2 is also qualified)

SCSI HBA Card NOT required: Although Pro Tools LE supports a full 24 tracks of record and playback on a dedicated ATA/IDE hard drive, use of a SCSI HBA card with a SCSI drive can increase some performance aspects of your system: for more information refer to the Audio Storage Requirements page. Optional SCSI HBA cards bundled (by Apple) with Power Macintosh computers are not compatible with this configuration due to the lack of NVRAM to store Pro Tools desired SCSI transfer rate.

The following SCSI HBA cards are qualified for use with Beige G3s:

ATTO ExpressPCI SCSI HBA cards including:

  • PSC (ExpressPCI Single Channel Ultra/WIDE HBA)

  • EPCI-DC (ExpressPCI Dual Channel Ultra/WIDE HBA, also available in the Digidesign SCSI64 Kit)

with the following requirements:

— OR —

Adaptec Power Domain SCSI HBA cards including:

  • 2906

  • 2940UW

  • 3940UW

  • 2940U2W

with the following requirements: