Pro Tools|HD & Pro Tools|HD Accel Systems

Requirements for Pro Tools|HD 1, HD 2, HD 3, HD 2 Accel, and HD 3 Accel Systems

With Pro Tools 6.4 for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)

Digidesign PCI Cards Supplied with System

Pro Tools|HD 1 System

  • HD Core

Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel System

  • HD Core
  • HD Accel

Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel System

  • HD Core
  • HD Accel
  • HD Accel

Other Card Options

Digidesign HD Audio Interfaces (one required)

  • 192 I/O
  • 192 Digital I/O
  • 96 I/O
  • 96i I/O

Optional HD Cables - DigiSnakes & DigiLink

Digidesign Software Compatiblity

  • Pro Tools 6.4 TDM software for HD systms on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
  • Pro Tools software will not work without Digidesign hardware

Included and Optional Plug-Ins:

Optional Digidesign Hardware

  • Command|8
  • Control|24
  • D-Control*
    • With up to 80 Faders
  • Digidesign 64-bit 7 Slot Expansion Chassis
  • MIDI I/O
  • PRE
  • ProControl
    • Fader Pack (up to 5)
    • Edit Pack (serial number PT00601 or higher required)
  • SYNC I/O (firmware v1.1.0 or higher required)

*D-Control requires dual processor G5 model

Control Surfaces & MIDI Interfaces

Optional Digidesign & Avid Storage

  • Avid MediaDrive rS80
  • Avid MediaDrive rS36/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDrive rS73/320 LVD
  • Avid MediaDock iS36/320 LVD Shuttle
  • Avid MediaDock iS73/320 LVD Shuttle
  • Avid MediaDock Dual
  • Avid MediaDock Dual+
  • DigiDrive MediaDock
  • DigiDrive FireWire 80
  • DigiDrive SCSI Drives
  • SCSI-128 Kit (includes ATTO Express PCI-UL3D, qualified for up to 192 tracks @48 kHz on Pro Tools|HD Accel systems)
  • SCSI-64 Kit (includes ATTO Express PCI-DC, qualified for up to 64 tracks @48 kHz)

Legacy Digidesign Audio Interfaces

Connect 1 or 2* to a single 192 I/O, 192 Digital I/O, or 96 I/O Legacy Port:

  • 888|24 I/O
  • 882|20 I/O

Connect all 16 channels to a single 192 I/O, 192 Digital I/O, or 96 I/O Legacy Port:

  • 1622 I/O

Connect 8 channels or 16 channels* to a single 192 I/O, 192 Digital I/O, or 96 I/O Legacy Port:

  • 24-Bit ADAT Bridge I/O

* Requires "Y" cable adapter

PCI Expansion Chassis

Video Options

  • AVoption|XL (with Pro Tools 6.2.3*)
  • Canopus ADVC-100 DV Transcoder
  • ATI Radeon 8500 Macintosh Edition
  • Aurora Igniter LT/IgniterX Lite

See Video Options page for more information and link to Igniter OS X Driver

*Important information about AVoption|XL:

  • AVoption|XL is not supported in Pro Tools 6.4. AVoption|XL users on Mac OS X 10.3 should use Pro Tools 6.2.3
  • AVoption|V10 is only compatible on Windows XP. AVoption|V10 is not compatible with Mac OS X.

Supported CPU Models & Requirements

G4 PowerBook CardBus PCI Expansion

System Software

System RAM Requirements

  • 512 MB minimum
  • 1 GB (1024 MB) or more highly recommended

1 GB (1024 MB) or more recommended for sessions with:

  • Large amounts of audio, large DSP engines, high edit density, or large DigiBase databases
  • Options like MachineControl and DigiTranslator 2.0

More RAM increases overall system and Pro Tools performance

OS X does not require minimum or preferred RAM settings for Pro Tools as RAM is dynamically allocated


  • Color monitor required
  • 14" minimum, 17" or or larger recommended
  • Minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

QuickTime Required

  • Apple QuickTime 6.5 or higher
  • Included with Mac Os


Additional Information

Pro Tools|HD Product Info

For more information, see the Pro Tools 6 documents in the Support > Tech Support > Technical Document Library section. Also included with new systems and Pro Tools 6 upgrade CDs.

Pro Tools 6.9 Information

Download Updates

After updating either Pro Tools or your Mac OS, always run Disk Utility and "Repair Permissions" on the startup drive.