SYNC I/O — Pro Tools|24 & MIX System Requirements

SYNC I/O offers full integration with Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools|24 MIX, and Pro Tools|24 systems using Pro Tools 6.1 TDM software. In addition, the SYNC I/O:

  • Offers instant recall of all settings with Pro Tools 6.1 software for Mac OS X & Windows XP
  • Features a greatly improved Word Clock for improved sound quality over the Universal Slave Driver (USD)
  • Features processor speeds that operate at 4x the speed of the USD

To use SYNC I/O with Pro Tools|24 or MIX systems you must connect the SYNC I/O's "Word Clock (1x, 256x)" out BNC connector to the Pro Tools|24 or MIX audio interface's "Slave Clock In" BNC connector.

Additional Information:

SYNC I/0 is fully qualified with all current Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel systems with Pro Tools 6.2 and higher on Mac OS X and Windows XP.

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