Apple PowerBook G4 — Digi 002 Requirements

With Pro Tools LE 6.1.2 for Mac OS X

Apple PowerBook G4 Computers Supported:

Model & Processor


LCD Screen

PowerBook G4 800 MHz (DVI)  

15 Inch Display

PowerBook G4 867 MHz  
15 Inch Display
PowerBook G4 1 GHz  
15 Inch Display
PowerBook G4 1 GHz  
17 Inch Display

DVI = "Digital Visual Interface" models from 2002

PowerBook G4 867 MHz 12 Inch Display — Not Tested

The following G4 PowerBooks are qualified for use with Digi 002, but may result in lower performance:

  • Apple PowerBook G4 – 667 MHz and under

The following computers are unsupported for use with Digi 002:

  • Apple G4 cube
  • Apple PowerMac G4 (PCI Graphics)
  • Apple PowerMac Blue & White G3 and older
  • Apple iMac (G3 models)
  • Apple eMac
  • Apple PowerBook G3 (Pismo) and older
  • Apple iBook (Clamshell)

Additional Requirements

Mac OS 10.2.6 or 10.2.8 Required

iLok Authorized Plug-Ins

Although not required with Pro Tools installation, an iLok USB Hardware Key may be required for installation of some plug-ins and optional software applications.

Hard Drives — Audio Storage Requirements

Although limited recording and playback of audio tracks may be possible using the internal drive in the PowerBook G4, a separate dedicated audio hard drive is highly recommended for maximum performance and track count.

Firewire Hard Drives

Maximum Performance Guidelines

  • Recording to the system startup drive is not recommended or supported
  • When using FireWire storage with Digi 002 systems, connect the Digi 002 and the drives to separate FireWire ports if possible
  • If only one port is available, connect the drives to the CPU using a 1 meter firewire cable, then connect the Digi 002 to the drives

Known Incompatibilities

  • Pro Tools 6 does not work in the OS 9 "Classic Mode". You must choose Mac OS X as your Startup Disk.

Digidesign Core Audio Driver for Mac OS X

  • Digidesign Core Audio Driver 6.1.1 or higher required to support the Digi 002 or Digi 002 Rack hardware.

Download Updates

For Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar"

For Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther"

Additional Information

See also: Getting Started with Digi 002 and the Pro Tools LE 6 Read Me documents in the Support > Tech Support > Technical Document Library and included with new Digi 002 systems.

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