End of Development for MasterList CD

January, 2003

Digidesign regrets to announce that there will be no further development of our MasterList CD software. This is due to MasterList CD's much older architecture requiring extensive development in order to support Mac OS X, Windows XP and today's common CD-R interconnect standards.

As many of you know, MasterList CD was one of the first comprehensive audio CD mastering applications, launched in the early 1990s. It was developed using current programming languages and tools of that day, which have long since been replaced. Mac OS X and Windows XP versions of these original tools are not available, and it would require a substantial amount of work to update the older code to operate with the newer operating systems. Also, the most common CD-R interconnect formats have changed. SCSI and IDE (ATAPI) were the primary CD-R interfaces for many years. MasterList CD supported SCSI only, while the industry has now changed over to FireWire, USB and EIDE. Support for these current protocols would require significant foundational code changes. For MasterList CD to continue to be current with the latest platforms and CD-RWs, it would need to be largely rewritten. As this would be a very large project, and there are many other items to take care of on our project list, we have decided to end MasterList CD's development.

We are aware that a number of our MasterList CD customers will understandably be very disappointed by this decision. We'd certainly prefer to be able to offer an alternative Digidesign solution at this time, but that won't be the case. Unfortunately MasterList CD cannot run in Mac OS X "Classic" mode because the underlying code needed to transfer audio data via SCSI while in "Classic" mode does not exist.

Fortunately, many CD-R drives today include bundled software capable of creating basic reference CDs. For professional audio CD mastering applications, there are alternative third party software options available for both Mac OS X and Windows XP. While we aren't endorsing or recommending any specific product, we'd like to help you learn about the alternatives. Here is a list of some of the current options along with the company websites for more detailed information on each product:

OS X Compatible Options

Mastering Application Manufacturer Website
Discribe Charismac www.charismac.com
DSP-Quattro i3 www.dsp-quattro.com
Logic Pro 7 with WaveBurner Apple www.apple.com/logic
Peak with Jam Bias www.bias-inc.com
Toast with Jam Roxio www.roxio.com

Windows XP Compatible Options

Mastering Application Manufacturer Website
CD Architect Sonic Foundry www.sonicfoundry.com
Clean Steinberg www.steinberg.net
Easy CD Creator Roxio www.roxio.com
GearPro Software GearSoftware www.gearsoftware.com
InstantCD/DVD VOB www.vob.de
Nero [compatibility info] Ahead Software www.nero.com
RecordNow MAX Stomp www.stompinc.com
Samplitude Master Magix www.samplitude.com
WaveLab Steinberg www.steinberg.net
WaveLab Essential Steinberg www.steinberg.net
WinOnCD CeQuadrat www.cequadrat.com

This third party data is subject to change. Please contact the Software Manufacturer directly for additional information.

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