ontrol Surfaces & MIDI Interfaces with Pro Tools|24 Systems for Mac OS X

The following devices are qualified for use with Pro Tools|24 systems with Pro Tools 6.1 software for Mac OS X:

Control Surfaces

  • Digidesign ProControl (with up to 5 Fader Packs and an Edit Pack)
  • Digidesign Edit Pack
  • Digidesign/Focusrite Control|24
  • CM Labs MotorMix™
  • JL Cooper CS-10™ MIDI series
  • Mackie Design HUI™


  • New MIDI control surface features are provided through the latest Control Surface Personality files installed with Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 6.0 or later no longer supports and will not install the Penny & Giles MM-16 and DC-16 Control Surface Personality Files
  • The faders on a Digi 002 cannot be used to control any device other than itself

For more information on using control surfaces with Pro Tools, see the ProControl Guide, Control|24 Guide and MIDI Control Surfaces Guide in the Technical Document Library

MIDI Interfaces — USB Only

The following MIDI Interfaces are qualified for use with TDM systems with Pro Tools 6.1 software for Mac OS X:

  • Digidesign MIDI I/O - USB MIDI interface with 10 MIDI I/O ports, supporting 160 MIDI channels
  • Emagic AMT8/MT4
  • Roland MPU64/UM2/UM4

Only USB MIDI interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools systems for Mac OS X. Modem-to-serial port adapters and serial MIDI devices are not supported.

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