AVoption|V10 and Mac OS X Announcement

Dear AVoption|V10 Assurance Customer,

We regret to announce that unfortunately, we will not be introducing support for AVoption|V10 on Mac OS X: It will remain a Windows XP-only product.

We recognize that AVoption|V10 is a major investment, and therefore we need to provide a product that not only functions well now, but will also grow with our users’ needs. In order to improve our integration with Avid workgroups and keep up with emerging technologies in HD video, networked storage and asset management, it is clear that we need to focus on developing and maintaining the most common configurations and workflows. Windows XP is the preferred platform for an increasing number of collaborative, networked environments in video and broadcast facilities. As this is the principle target for the AVoption|V10, we have decided to focus this product as a Windows XP-only solution. Similarly, audio streaming with Pro Tools via a Unity MediaNetwork system is only available on Windows XP.

The evolving nature of Mac OS X and our need to maintain compatibility across our entire product line continue to require a significant amount of work. As a result, we have been unable to provide the planned Mac OS X support for certain Avid workgroup options, such as Unity MediaNetwork. At the same time, many Mac OS X users have found that Avid Mojo already fills their needs for Avid video import and playback at a substantially lower cost. It provides composite, S-Video and full component output for 1:1, DV50, DV25, 15:1s and three 24P resolutions.

Given all these considerations, we have made the difficult decision not to release AVoption|V10 for Mac OS X. Let us assure you that this decision is neither a signal nor a trend: We will continue to support and develop new features for Pro Tools with Mac OS X. For example, our next release includes a myriad of new features for recording, editing, mixing and post-production, all available on both Mac OS X and Windows XP.

Nonetheless, we realize that limiting AVoption|V10 support to Windows XP may impact your plans, and we want to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. If you purchased an AVoption|XL with AVoption|V10 Assurance, please contact your Digidesign Sales Representative.

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