Other Digidesign PCI Card Options— Pro Tools|24 MIX

With Pro Tools 6.4.1 for Windows XP

Supported Additional Digidesign PCI Cards:

MIX Core & Farm: Maximum of 7 MIX Farm or MIX Core cards in any configuration.

DSP Farm: Serial number FG 10501 or higher required for compatibility with Pro Tools for Windows XP. Cards that begin with serial numbers "FF" or lower cannot be upgraded. (Hardware Exchanges are available)

Some plug-ins require MIX chips and are not compatible when instantiated on DSP farms.

MIX I/O: The MIX I/O was not tested with the Pro Tools 6.4.1 release. In previous releases, a maximum of 2 MIX I/O cards could be used in any configuration.

d24: "Hybrid" configurations which use the original Pro Tools|24 d24 card in combination with a MIX card have not been tested, and therefore are not supported. However, we have no reason to believe that it will not work. The d24 card does not support the Surround Mixer.

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