Pro Tools 6.1 New Features: What's Changed from Pro Tools 5.x for Windows XP

Pro Tools 6.1 on Windows XP includes the following new or enhanced features:

  • New windows and user interface

  • DigiBase and DigiBase Pro file management

  • Support for Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) with DigiTranslator 2.0

  • New editing features

    • Relative Grid Mode

    • Playback Cursor Locator

    • Scroll Wheel navigation and zoom control

  • New MIDI features

    • Groove Quantize

    • Restore and Flatten Performance

  • New plug-ins and processing features

    • New DigiRack Click plug-in

    • New DigiRack ReWire plug-in

    • Other new DigiRack plug-ins

    • Waves Time Shifter and TC/E Plug-In Preference

    • Inserting plug-ins during playback

  • Track height enhancements

  • Beat Detective Groove Template Extraction and Groove Conform (TDM systems only)

  • Import Session Data

  • Time code and synchronization enhancements

  • MachineControl™ enhancements

  • Pro Tools LE enhancements (such as increased track counts, and support for DigiTranslator 2.0 on Digi 002 and Digi 002 Rack systems)

  • DV Toolkit Option for Pro Tools LE

  • Up to 32 levels of Undo

  • Multiprocessor support

  • Digidesign ASIO Driver

For more information and details on all new features, see the "What's New in Pro Tools 6.1" document in the Support/Tech Support section in the Technical Document Library

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