DMA Mode Enabled Instructions — Windows XP

DMA mode must be enabled for all IDE drives in your system.

To do this in Windows XP:

  1. Right-click My Computer, located on the Desktop or in the start menu, and choose Properties
  2. Select the Hardware tab
  3. Click the Device Manager button
  4. Locate and double-click the device for your IDE/ATA controller
  5. In the IDE/ATA Controller Properties dialog, click the Advanced Settings tab
  6. Under Transfer mode, select DMA Transfer mode, if available, and click OK
  7. Repeat for any additional IDE/ATA drives
  8. Click OK to close the Device Manager dialog
  9. Close the System Control Panel

Once you have restarted follow steps 1-5 above once again to make sure "DMA" is in fact still set to enabled. If your computer is unable to keep this setting please contact your PC manufacturer.

If your computer does not have this option and you plan to setup a Digi 001 system (not audiomedia III), you should check your BIOS settings for options to enable bus masters.

Print this page or write these instructions, as you will need to restart your computer in order to access your system BIOS.

To access your computer's BIOS you must restart your computer. During the initial startup your computer will tell you which key to press in order to enter the setup program (typically DEL or F2 for Award). Press the corresponding key during startup. You should see an "Entering Setup" message. If present, make this change to your computer's BIOS:

Allow PCI Bus Masters = Enabled

In addition to checking the BIOS if dma is not available, you can also check in device manager under "Hard disk controllers" and make sure that you have the IDE controller and NOT the ATA controller. If you have the ATA controller you will need to Update the hard disk controller driver to the "standard dual IDE controller".

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