Digidesign-Qualified FireWire/1394 PCI Cards

Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack & FireWire Hard Drives on Windows XP Systems

The following FireWire/1394 cards have been qualified by Digidesign for use with:

  • Digi 002
  • Digi 002 Rack
  • Digidesign-Qualified FireWire Hard Drives on TDM and LE Systems

FireWire/1394 Controller PCI Cards:

FireWire Connections

  • A 1394 ("FireWire") controller/interface is required to connect the Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, or FireWire hard drive to your computer. Some computers have built-in 1394/FireWire controllers, while other computers require add-in 1394/FireWire PCI or PCMCIA controller cards (purchased separately)
  • Some built-in 1394/FireWire ports may be incompatible with Pro Tools. if you experience FireWire-related issues or errors when using the built-in 1394/FireWire ports on your computer, Digidesign recommends installing a Digidesign-approved 1394/FireWire card.
  • When using FireWire storage with a Digi 002 systems, connect the Digi 002 and the drives to separate FireWire ports if possible
  • If only one FirWire port is available, connect the drives to the CPU, then connect the Digi 002 to the drives
  • Do not connect a DV video camera to the same FireWire bus as a Digi 002. Most CPUs with two FireWire ports still have only one FireWire bus. If you need to add an additional FireWire bus to your CPU, please see the list of qualified cards above.

Not Tested

  • CardBus/PCMCIA FireWire/1394 cards for laptops


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