MachineControl 2.0 with Pro Tools Systems for Windows XP

Digidesign's MachineControl option version 2.0 is officially supported with Pro Tools TDM systems with Pro Tools 6 and higher on Mac OS X and Windows XP. For more information, see the following pages in the Products section of the website:


  • An iLok USB Hardware Key is required for MachineControl 2.0 authorization
  • New boxed purchases of MachineControl include an iLok License Card
  • iLok USB Hardware Key sold separately, available from your Authorized Digidesign Dealer or the DigiStore
  • An iLok USB Hardware Key is included with all Pro Tools|HD core systems
  • Digidesign iLok Information Page

Machine Communication Modes

MachineControl supports two machine communication modes, Remote Deck Emulation and Serial Control mode.

Remote Deck Emulation Mode

Remote Deck Emulation mode lets a 9-pin master machine control Pro Tools playback, cueing, and record-arming of tracks. Remote deck emulation mode is qualified for use with the following controllers:

  • Soundmaster ION/ATOM
  • Colin Broad SR4
  • Tamura IZM-806
  • JSK MS-2901

Not Tested:

  • Timeline Microlynx
  • Timeline KCU, Lynx, Lynx2

Controller Connection on Windows XP

  • Remote Deck Emulation Mode is not supported by the SYNC I/O or the serial ports of the HD core, HD Accel, HD Process, MIX core, or MIX farm cards. In order to use the 9-pin remote deck emulation with Pro Tools for Windows XP, you must connect the remote controller to your Pro Tools system via your computer's com port.

Serial Control Mode

Serial Control mode lets Pro Tools not only control an external machine, but also receive time code position using only the serial cable. It can also be used to arm tracks of external machines from within Pro Tools.

Known Issues with MachineControl 2.0 for Windows XP

  • Some customers have reported erratic performance with MachineControl with very long cable runs, and have found that using the Rosetta Stone RS-232 to RS-422 converter (models 2/8 or 2/9) has increased reliability in these cases.

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