Audiomedia III Card for Windows XP

Known Incompatibility with older Audiomedia III Cards:

A revision "QC" or later of the AMCC chip is required for compatibility with some PCs. This revision number appears on the AMCC chip following number "5933". This chip was revised to QC on the Audiomedia III to allow for compatibility with PCs that did not allow you to disable PCI Burst Mode (it was revised shortly thereafter to QE). Ways to identify these boards are in the grid below:

Board S/N's Below Manufactured Before Board Rev Before
Audiomedia III BK16376 3/18/97 Rev E

If a customer has previously updated their board (or received a refurbished card), the serial number will remain the same, but the board revision will be updated (and the AMCC chip will have "QC" or later). Cards with the revision "Q" chip can be upgraded. Please Contact Digidesign Technical Support directly to arrange this.

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