Maximum Performance Guidelines for Digi 001 Systems on Windows XP

Maximum Performance Guidelines for Digi 001 Systems

With Pro Tools LE 5.3.1 on Windows XP

The Digi 001 will work best with faster PC computers equipped with at least 256 MB of RAM .

Faster CPUs result in more tracks, more plug-ins, and a more responsive Graphical User Interface (GUI) -- snappy meters, screen redrawing, etc. In addition, the fastest computers allow Pro Tools to run with smaller hardware buffers for the lowest audio I/O latency. Note that the lowest hardware buffer settings may not be usable on some computers that otherwise meet all requirements.

The Digi 001 and Pro Tools LE require one or more supported disk drives for recording and playing audio. ATA/EIDE, SCSI, and 1394 disk drives are compatible with the Digi 001. Best performance will be achieved with 7200 RPM (or faster) speed drives. In some cases, you may need to split audio tracks across more than one disk drive (especially when using sessions with many tracks and dense edits).

Supported CPU Models & Requirements

The following CPUs are required for best performance with the Digi 001:

  • Intel Pentium 4 or Xeon - Processors with 1.3 GHz speeds or higher supported, Single Processor
  • Intel Pentium III - Processors with 500 MHz speeds or higher supported, Single Processor
  • AMD Athlon XP - Processors of all speeds supported, Single Processor
  • AMD Athlon Thunderbird - Processors of all speeds supported, Single Processor

Recommended Preconfigured Model:

  • The Gateway Profile 4L is fully qualified with the Digi 001 running Pro Tools LE 5.3.2

Chipset Requirements

The following chipsets are recommended for best performance with Intel P4 processors:

  • Intel Pentium 4 or Xeon with Intel 845, Intel 850 or Intel 860 chipset, Single Processor

The following chipsets are recommended for best performance with AMD Athlon and AthlonXP processors:

  • AMD Athlon XP or Thunderbird with pure VIA chipset, Single Processor

System Software

  • Windows XP Professional or Home Edition. XP Service Pack 1 also supported.
  • Windows XP Settings & Requirements
  • Pro Tools LE 5.3.1 can NOT be installed on systems running Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT, 95, or 3.1

Total System RAM

  • 256 MB minimum, 384 MB or more highly recommended

Additional RAM is required for:

  • High edit density sessions
  • DAE buffer setting larger than the default
  • Extensive use of plug-ins
  • Simultaneous use of MIDI sequencers or software options
  • Additional RAM is recommended for better video playback performance

Display Card

  • Minimum: AGP card

Audio Storage

SCSI Host Adapter

Performance Guidelines

  • Although limited recording and playback of audio tracks may be possible using the internal system startup drive, recording to the system startup drive is not recommended or supported
  • A separate internal or external dedicated audio hard drive is highly recommended for maximum performance and track count (see Hard Drive Minimum Requirements)


  • Color required; 14" minimum; 17" or larger recommended at 1024x768
  • For best performance, it is suggested that you set your monitor to 256 colors


Apple QuickTime v6.0 recommended

  • Required only on systems using video
  • AGP graphics card with 16 MB or more video RAM required for movie playback
  • Available at

Known Incompatibilities

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus software such as PC-cillin and Norton Anti-Virus typically cause problems with real-time software like Pro Tools LE. It's best to disable & possibly remove anti-virus software from your system before running Pro Tools LE. If you are using drives that meet the Hard Drive Minimum Requirements and you are experiencing "disk too slow" errors, this may be the cause.

Network Devices

Some Network Interface Controllers (NICs) cause problems for real-time software like Pro Tools LE. If you are experiencing DAE errors while running Pro Tools LE, try disabling all network devices via the Device Manager in the Windows "System" control panel.

Power Management

Be sure to disable the "hibernate" feature in the Windows "Power Options" control panel.

Video Display Settings

If you are experiencing DAE errors while clicking on GUI elements (such as dragging windows, resizing windows, maximizing windows, etc.) try adjusting the "Hardware Acceleration" setting in the Windows "Display" control panel. This setting is located in the "Advanced" section of the "Settings" tab. Some systems work best with "full acceleration," while others work best with acceleration set to "none."

Another possible work-around for systems experiencing video-related compatibility problems is to run in 256-color mode.

It is best to disable screen savers while running Pro Tools LE.

PCI-to-DRAM Pre-fetch BIOS Setting

Some PC compatibility problems with certain 1394 controller cards may be resolved by disabling the "PCI-to-DRAM Pre-fetch" setting in your computer's BIOS.If you need to add a FireWire bus to your CPU to use Firewire devices such as audio or video drives, see the list of Digidesign-Qualified FireWire PCI & CardBus Cards.

Other Applications/Processes

Running some applications ("processes") at the same time as Pro Tools LE may cause DAE errors. To avoid such performance problems, be sure to close/terminate all unnecessary applications/processes prior to running Pro Tools LE. Uninstall unnecessary applications from your computer, or use "End Process" in the Windows Task Manager.

Other Known Incompatibilities

  • Digi 001 will not function if any other Digidesign PCI cards are installed in the CPU (Digi 001, Audiomedia III, TDM cards).

  • Pro Tools LE 5.3.1 will not work without the Digi 001 hardware.

  • Computers with motherboards containing SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems) chipsets cause system failures with Pro Tools systems.

  • AMD K6, K6-2 or K6-III, K7 processor based computers.

  • Pentium 4 systems with HyperThreading technology must have "Intel HyperThreading" in the system BIOS disabled.

  • The Asante "AsanteFAST 10/100" 590 PCI card card is not recommended for Pro Tools systems using Ethernet controllers such as Control|24. If this card is in your system, it can cause Ethernet controllers to go on/offline every few seconds, and you will not be able to maintain a decent connection to the Control|24.

  • The Digidesign WaveDriver does not support Avid Xpress DV or certain other DirectSound applications that require advanced DirectSound capabilities

  • Pro Tools does not support RAID technology. Please do not activate this feature.

  • Some HP Pavilion models do not meet the minimum requirements as listed in these compatibilitiy documents. Before purchasing these or any computer, please carefully go over these documents and the exact specifications of the computer to make certain that all of the compatibility guidelines have been met.

Building Your Own Computer

Digidesign recognizes that some customers will want to build their own computer for use with Pro Tools. To help increase the potential for success, we are providing the above known system requirements.

However customers should be very aware of the following:

Digidesign can not provide full customer support as to the potential loss of performance for such systems. If a loss in performance is encountered Digidesign will assist customers by verifying the components of the system, to look for incompatibilities. If it is determined that the problem is inherent to a system component, a substitution to a different component may be necessary. Digidesign can not guarantee that all performance issues on these computers will be solved; however incorporating components from this compatibility document can help customers avoid problems.

Systems adhering to this specification are in no way certified by Digidesign to provide full Pro Tools functionality or track performance. While they may be able to operate perfectly well and provide full track count performance, they cannot be guaranteed to do so.

It is impossible for this list to comprehensively cover all possible options. We are providing details of known requirements and known failures based on our experience to date.

Need Additional Advice on a Computer Purchase?

Be sure to check out the Pro Tools LE Windows section of the Digidesign User Conference for computer recommendations from other Digi 001 Pro Tools LE users.

Disclaimer: Digidesign can not verify that the information in this forum will provide full functionality or performance. Please refer to these Compatibility Documents for Digidesign's official system requirements.