Pro Tools 5.3.x MIX Systems for Windows 2000 — IBM IntelliStation E Pro

IBM IntelliStation E Pro - Pro Tools 5.3.x Requirements

IBM IntelliStation E Pro - Model 6846 (31u recommended)

Note: Other IntelliStation E Pros models are currently not qualified.

Supported Processors (uniprocessor machines only)

  • Intel Pentium III - 800, 866, 933, or 1000 MHz

Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 1 or higher required

Boot Drive

  • SCSI recommended for 32 tracks or higher

Display Cards

  • Matrox Millennium G450 with 16MB RAM and Windows 2000 driver


  • BIOS version 28 or higher required for proper functionality of the Ethernet port

Expansion Chassis

  • The E Pro supports use with compatible third party 13-slot Expansion Chassis. With a 13-slot chassis up to 7 Pro Tools|24 MIX cards and 3 Pro Tools|24 cards (= 10 Digidesign cards total) are supported.