Pro Tools | 24 MIX v5.3.1 Systems for Windows XP & 2000 - Other Digidesign PCI Card Options

Other Digidesign PCI Card Options - Pro Tools|24 MIX Systems

With Pro Tools 5.3.1 for Windows XP & 2000

MIX Farm: Maximum of 7 MIX Farm or MIX Core cards supported

DSP Farm: Serial number FG 10501 or higher required for compatibility with Pro Tools for Windows XP & 2000. Cards that begin with serial numbers "FF" or lower cannot be upgraded. (Hardware Exchanges are available)

MIX I/O: Maximum of 2 MIX I/O cards supported (Only 1 MIX I/O card supported with MIX systems that are upgraded Pro Tools|24 systems).

d24: Configurations with d24 cards do not support the Surround Mixer. d24 card not available for separate purchase.