Pro Tools 5.1Ucs1 for Unity MediaNet

Pro Tools 5.1Ucs1 for Unity MediaNet

Pro Tools 5.1Ucs1 Update Read Me

Pro Tools 5.1U cs1 Preliminary Update For Macintosh

Aug 1, 2001

Fixes in Pro Tools 5.1Ucs1 for Unity MediaNet

What's Addressed?

Preliminary testing has shown that this interim PT release can be used to address the following problems with Pro Tools 5.1U with Unity MediaNet:

  • Type 2 error when recording audio without AVoption|XL installed, or if the Video Engine Folder is missing from the DAE Folder.

  • Program error when recording audio immediately after recording video.

Who Should Use this Update?

This update should be used by any Pro Tools 5.1U user who is experiencing either or both of these issues. If you are not experiencing these problems with your system, you should not install this software.

Installation Notes:

This is not an auto-installer. This download consists of the Pro Tools application and this Read Me only. To install:

  1. Open the Pro Tools folder (startup drive/Digidesign folder).

  2. Drag the old Pro Tools (5.1U) application to the trash and empty the trash. (this app can always be reinstalled from your original 5.1U CD ROM.)

  3. Move the new Pro Tools application into the Digidesign/Pro Tools folder.

Download Instructions

This Pro Tools 5.1Ucs1 file requires that Pro Tools version 5.1U is already installed on your computer.*

Your registered Pro Tools 5.1 serial number is required to download. This can be found in one of the following locations:

  • Inside the front cover of your TDM Installation Guide

  • Confirmation of your online purchase of Pro Tools 5.1

Pro Tools TDM 5.1Ucs1 for Mac OS

Form to Download

Requires prior 5.1U installation

This Mac download is a BinHex (.hqx) encoded file that requires Stuffit Expander version 5.1 or higher:

Download Aladdin Stuffit Expander for Mac.

For help with download problems, see the Download & DigiStore Frequently Asked Questions