Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 Update for Windows XP

For Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, or Original Mbox Systems with Pro Tools LE 6.9 for Windows XP

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September 19, 2005

Will not work without Pro Tools LE 6.9 for Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, or original Mbox* systems on Windows XP already installed.

*Not to be used with Pro Tools LE 6.8.1 for Mbox 2

Pro Tools LE 6.9 Information

For detailed information on new features, see the What's New in Pro Tools LE 6.9 document in the Technical Document Library.

For information on updates and upgrades to Pro Tools LE 6.9, see the following:

Download update from Pro Tools LE 6.7 to Pro Tools LE 6.9:

Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 Update

For Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, and original Mbox Systems with Pro Tools LE 6.9 on Windows XP

From the included Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 Read Me:

What's Fixed in Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4?

Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 for Windows XP contains the following:

Fixed: When Importing AAFs From Avid, Parsing Errors and Missed Translations on Some Tracks May Occur (Item #65232)

  • An AAF from Media Composer Adrenaline 2.1.x, Xpress Pro 5.1.x, News Cutter Adrenaline & News Cutter XP 6.1.x may give parsing errors when imported into Pro Tools and some tracks may not translate correctly. In addition to this fix, Digidesign recommends that Avid users update to the latest version available.

Fixed: Inconsistent Lock Times or Intermittent Locks When Syncing to Time Code (Item #65348, 68657, 53450)

  • Lock times could vary from short, to very long, or no lock at all until you stopped the code and tried again. Also, record passes could result in "missed sync point" or -6085 errors, or "missed the sync point, due to time spend allocating disk space," while play passes could result in "waiting for sync" or "waiting for sync point."

Fixes Included From Pro Tools LE 6.9cs3

Fixed: The Key Command Sequence for Fine-Tuning Automation Breakpoints Had Changed (Item #65387)

  • The "fine-tune breakpoint" Control key functionality has now been restored to the pre-Pro Tools 6.9 behavior. The key command for "Write Level Constrained to Next Breakpoint" (new to 6.9) has been changed from "Control-click" to "Alt-Shift-click." The key command for "Write Level Constrained to Previous Breakpoint" remains "Control-Alt-click".

Fixed: After Several Hours of Continuous Working, Pro Tools Could Slow Down or Stop Responding (Item #58423)

  • A low-memory condition could be created by repeated stops and starts over a several-hour period, causing a slowdown, or eventual crash.

Note: There were no Pro Tools LE 6.9cs1 or 6.9cs2 releases.

Who Should Use Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4?

This update is recommended for all Pro Tools LE 6.9 for Windows XP users and contains fixes in the following areas:

  • Locking to time code
  • Importing AAF from Avid applications
  • Editing automation breakpoints
Important: Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 is provided as an interim "customer support (CS)" release to address the issues described. While our testing has not shown these changes to introduce other problems, this version has not been fully qualified by Digidesign.

Updating Pro Tools

To update to Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4:

  1. Verify Pro Tools LE 6.9 is installed on your Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, or Mbox system.
  2. Quit the Pro Tools application if it is open.
  3. Locate the Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 installer and launch it.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4.
  5. When installation is complete, restart your computer.

If you have installed previous updates, some file versions may not change. This update installs the following files:

  • ProToolsLE.exe (v6.9cs4)
  • File.dll (v6.9cs4)

Download Instructions — Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 Update

For best results, use the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows XP. Other browsers may not work properly with this download. This Pro Tools LE 6.9cs4 Update requires a Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, or Mbox hardware system with Pro Tools LE 6.9 software already installed.

For Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, and Mbox Systems
with Pro Tools LE 6.9 Software for Windows XP Only

(includes support for Japanese, Korean and Chinese Simplified Operating Systems)

21.0 MB Windows ZIP file (.zip)


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