Appian Jeronimo 2000 for Macintosh (discontinued)

April 7, 2000 — Digidesign and Appian Graphics Announce High-Performance AGP Dual Monitor Solution for Pro Tools and Apple Power Macintosh G4 (AGP) Users

Digidesign is pleased to recommend the Appian Jeronimo™ 2000 Macintosh, developed and marketed by Appian Graphics, along with new pre-release drivers for MacOS, as a high-performance dual-monitor hardware solution for Pro Tools users who use Apple Power Macintosh G4 computers with AGP video capabilities.

Digidesign wants to stress that, while Appian products are used in a variety of applications that call for multi-monitor environments and graphics acceleration, the Jeronimo 2000 Macintosh is currently qualified by Digidesign only for use as part of a Pro Tools dual monitor solution.

You can download the latest beta drivers version 1.4.1 (and included firmware update) from the following location:

You can also contact Appian in the following ways:

Appian Graphics
18005 NE 68th Street
Suite A-120
Redmond, WA 98052

Main: (425) 882-2020
Sales (U.S.): (800) 727-7426
Tech Support: (800) 422-7369
Sales: (425) 882-8618

Appian Jeronimo™ 2000 Macintosh Dual Monitor AGP Graphics Card

Dual monitor AGP video graphics adapter for Macintosh G4 machines with AGP video capabilities. This board is not compatible with G3 model Macintosh machines.

Compatible PC Model:
Jeronimo J2000 AGP 32 MB Part Number: 9743