Pro Tools|24 MIX Systems End of Development

Pro Tools 6.4.1 for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and Windows XP

August 2004

Introduced in September of 1998, Pro Tools|24 MIX systems have provided many years of service for our customers. However, for Digidesign to continue to develop new features and refine existing ones, it is necessary for us to focus development and testing on our currently manufactured systems. Consequently, we regret to have to announce that the Pro Tools 6.4.1 software release will be the last that will include support for Pro Tools|24 MIX systems.

Some of you may wonder how this can be necessary when each system shares the same TDM or LE version of Pro Tools software. While that is true, each of Digidesign's systems requires some specific development and qualification for every Pro Tools release. As we introduce new product offerings, additional options, and new compatibility support, the number of configurations we need to develop for, performance tune, and test expands exponentially: It's simply impossible for us to continue to support all systems indefinitely. Instead, we have to focus our major development efforts on our currently manufactured systems.

We understand that many of you may be disappointed by this news. To help with this transition, we have the following special offers for Pro Tools|24 MIX owners:

  1. A free update to Pro Tools 6.4.1 for Pro Tools|24 MIX owners with Pro Tools 6.x software
  2. Pro Tools|24 MIX owners that do not own Pro Tools 6 may purchase Pro Tools 6.4.1 for $35 (USD) plus shipping and tax if applicable. Purchase options include either a download-only or the CD. This upgrade is only available online:
    • DigiStore (see the Pro Tools Upgrades section)
  3. Pro Tools|24 MIX to Pro Tools|HD Exchanges

Pro Tools 6.4.1 Features

Pro Tools 6.4.1 enables Pro Tools|24 MIX owners to extend the effective life of their hardware, and to maintain session compatibility with Pro Tools|HD-series systems. This special Pro Tools|24 MIX version of Pro Tools software provides the following new features:

  • +12 dB Fader Gain — Extends the range of fader gain in the Pro Tools mixer to +12 dB over 0 dBfs. This provides more mixing flexibility than with the previous +6 dB fader gain, particularly with recordings made at lower levels. With a new taper above 0 dB, control surface faders also have a more familiar, "console" feel
  • Track Position Numbering with "Scroll to Track Number" — Now individual tracks on large sessions can easily be located and assigned in the software interface and/or on Digidesign control surfaces
  • Hierarchical Plug-in Menus — Make it easier to find plug-ins by process type
  • Support for 23.976 fps — Enables post professionals working with high definition video to use a new frame rate specific to the medium, ensuring proper synchronization to the source
  • Improved Feet+Frames Timeline Display — Lets you set your "zero feet+frames" point anywhere in the session, and with multiple feet+frame rates, allows the feet+frames timeline to remain in sync with all workflow variations
  • New Clip Meter Features — Includes a new "clear clips" keyboard shortcut and a "clip hold" preference with three display choices for clip hold: "infinite" (current default), "3 second," and "none"
  • Support for the new Command|8 — A compact, affordable, yet full-featured control surface

Some of you may be asking why some of the new features in Pro Tools TDM 6.4 — such as Automatic Delay Compensation and TrackPunch/TrackInput — are not available for Pro Tools|24 MIX systems. In general, these features each would have required substantial development and performance tuning specific to Pro Tools|24 MIX systems. There are some technical reasons as well: For example, Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC) relies on DSP hardware with the necessary memory complement for managing mixer channel compensation and applying the necessary delays. ADC's demands on Pro Tools|24 MIX hardware would have left insufficient DSP for typical processing needs (more than twice the amount of DSP would have been required for the mixers, in addition to the DSP required for delays); even then, the functionality would have provided only very limited amounts of delay compensation.

Again, Pro Tools TDM 6.4.1 will be the last software release supporting Pro Tools|24 MIX systems. While further software upgrades and updates for Pro Tools|24 MIX are not expected to be provided after this release, this will not affect your Customer Support eligibility status. If urgent field issues arise, Digidesign may address them with CS releases as before:

Pro Tools|24 MIX Systems are Not Compatible with Apple Power Mac G5s

The architectural changes in the Power Mac G5's PCI bus combined with the more than six-year-old architecture of Pro Tools|24 MIX presented technical challenges too substantial to take on in the available timeframe. Preliminary testing and development indicated that the risks of undertaking a full effort were significant, due to the disparities between older and newer technologies. For this reason, Pro Tools|24 MIX systems will remain incompatible with Power Mac G5s.

Hardware Exchanges from Pro Tools|24 MIX to Pro Tools|HD are available. Please visit for details.

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