Bridge I/O NuBus

Bridge I/O NuBus

Bridge I/O, top view

[ Bridge I/O, top view ]

Bridge I/O, bottom view

[ Bridge I/O, bottom view ]

Bridge I/O, side view

[ Bridge I/O,, bottom view ]



Bridge I/O Nubus

Dealer Order Code


Supported Sample Rates

44.1 and 48 kHz

Digital/Analog Specifications

Supports simultaneous playback of 8 audio channels

Signal/Noise Ratio

88dB, unweighted, band-limited (22Hz to 22kHz);
90dB, A-weighted

Audio I/O (Config.)

888 I/O, and 882 I/O
via 50/50 Digi peripheral cable

TDM Connector

Proprietary 5- or 12-node TDM ribbon cable

Power Consumption

Approx. 7.5 Watts
Current draw = 1.5 amps
Voltage = 5 volts

TDM Piggyback



  • The Bridge I/O (SA8) is a NuBus card used in PTIII systems which adds 8 channels of I/O (doesn't add DSP or voices).

  • DSP Processor- 56001 Motorola DSP running at 33.8688 MHz

  • DSP SRAM- 32K. Data RAM partitioned into (16K each X and Y) 32K of Program RAM.

  • TDM Interface- Uses Single Channel TDM ASIC Daughter Card (TDM Single Piggyback).

  • Transfer Modes- DMA support for single 24 bit longword transfer, single 16-bit word transfer, dual 16-bit longword transfer. Optional NuBus slave block transfers in dual 16-bit longword only. All block sizes are supported.