Disk I/O NuBus

Disk I/O NuBus

Disk I/O, top view

[ Disk I/O, top view ]

Disk I/O, bottom view

[ Disk I/O, bottom view ]

Disk I/O, side view

[ Disk I/O, bottom view ]



Disk I/O NuBus

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Supported Sample Rates

44.1 and 48 kHz

DSP Clock Speed

40 MHz

NuBus Disk I/O Supports

882 I/O, 882 Studio, 888 I/O

Connector Type

50 pin SCSI - 50 pin Centronics

Power Consumption

9 Watts Typical;
Current draw = 2 amps;
Voltage = 5 volts;
Fuse: 250 volts, 1.6 amp (fast blow)

TDM Piggyback



  • Supports 882 Studio on first Disk I/O only (in expanded systems).

  • 56001 Motorola DSP Processor.

  • DSP Memory - 32K x 24 SRAM Memory (25 nsec); NuBus to DSP SRAM DMA not supported (NuBus to DSP SRAM through Host Port only); RAM can be accessed as either X, Y, and/or P memory.

  • TDM Interface: Uses Single Channel TDM ASIC Daughter Card; TDM Card functions as Master or Slave TDM.

  • SCSI Processor- NCR 53C710 SCSI I/O Processor; 30MHz Clock Speed.

  • SCSI Memory - 8K x 32 Script SRAM Memory; NuBus to Script SRAM DMA supported.

  • Audio Memory - 1 MB Word DRAM : (4) 1 Meg x 4 DRAMS at 60ns; 710 to Audio Memory Access; 56001 to Audio Memory Access; NuBus to Audio Memory Access through 710 Processor Bus.

  • NuBus Interface- Mac II NuBus Interface; Support for 8 bit: Host Port, Control Latch, Configuration PROM, Support for 32 bit data path only to Script RAM; Access to Audio DRAM through NuBus (16-bit).

  • SCSI Interface- Supports SCSI Port Hard Disk Interconnection; Connects to Standard SCSI Hard Drives with custom cable (supplied).

  • Physical Size- Full-size Mac II NuBus Card (12.85" x 4"); Active/Passive Parts on Top, Passive Parts on Bottom.

  • There are 4 Green LEDs on a NuBus Disk I/O:
    LED 1 and LED 2 are not currently used, they will always be on (lit).
    LED 3 = L_710_BOFF, this will be on if the hard drive is not being accessed. It will flash if the hard drive is in use.
    LED 4 = L_DRAM_HOLD, this led is on until record or play are engaged. It also indicates when Pro Tool's application features are accessed.