Digidesign® Control Panel

Digidesign® Control Panel

(Macintosh Only)

The Digidesign® Control Panel provides sound output for Apple's Sound Manager via Digidesign's hardware outputs. These drivers are used to route non-Pro Tools sound such as system sounds, games or other applications through your Digidesign hardware.


Place the Digidesign® Control Panel in your System Folder/Control Panels.

(you can do this by dragging the control panel onto your closed System Folder and clicking OK on the dialogue box to place it in your Control Panels folder)


Once installed, click the Setup Hardware button in the Digidesign Control Panel to configure your hardware.

Digidesign Control Panel

The Digidesign Control Panel supports the following hardware on Mac OS 9:

  • Pro Tools|HD
  • Pro Tools|24 MIX
  • Pro Tools|24
  • Digi 002
  • Digi 001
  • Mbox
  • Audiomedia III
  • Project II

(If using Pro Tools III hardware, install and use the Digidesign Sound Drivers extension.)

The Digidesign Control Panel requires Mac OS 9.0 thru 9.2.2.