OMS Names Read Me

OMS Names Read Me

Release Notes for OMS Names v1.0

November 8, 1999

"OMS Names" is a small utility application which offers the same functionality as the OMS application "Studio Patches Editor." However, unlike Studio Patches Editor, the Pro Tools OMS Names utility application does not require that you have an Opcode MIDI interface installed. (It works with any MIDI interface.)

OMS Names will allow you to "subscribe" to Factory Names which come with your OMS Installer. It also allows you to create entirely new lists of patches for your devices, or to modify the Factory Names for any OMS device in your OMS Setup.

Refer to the OMS documentation for Studio Patches Editor for instructions on how to use the Pro Tools OMS Names utility application. The documentation is entitled "OMS_NameMgr.pdf". It is located in OMS Applications>OMS Tech Pubs.

Download/View OMS_NameMgr.pdf (373 k Adobe Acrobat file)

Download OMS Names (141 k Macintosh bin-hexed file)