SampleCell II Editor 2.1.1 Mac Read Me

SampleCell II™ Editor 2.1.1 Mac Read Me (web)

August 23, 2000

Download SampleCell Editor 2.1.1 Mac

• IMPORTANT: For Users of newer Pro Tools Software (higher than v4.0)

This installer will place DAE v3.03 and DigiSystemInit (DSI) v3.03 into your DAE Folder (System Folder>DAE Folder>DAE) and Extensions Folder (System Folder>Extensions>DigiSystemINIT). If you had installed newer versions of DAE and DSI previously they will be overwritten. To avoid this please drag DAE and DSI to your desktop before installing SampleCell 2.1.1. After the SampleCell installation is complete, delete DAE and DSI v3.03 and drag the original versions from the desktop back into their folders.

• Proper Core Software combinations for NuBus and PCI Users

NuBus Pro Tools™ 3.2 and DAE Digital Audio Sequencers (Digital Performer™, Studio Vision™, Logic Audio™, Cubase Audio™) users should use the following core software combinations: DAE/DigiSystem INIT (DSI) 2.95 or 2.96, SampleCell Init 2.04.

PCI Pro Tools 3.21 or 3.22 and PCI compatible DAE Digital Audio Sequencers (Digital Performer, Studio Vision, Logic Audio, Cubase Audio) users should use the following core software combinations: DAE/DSI 3.0.3.

The SampleCell Init is included in the DSI with DSI 3.0.3 (and all future DSI versions) so there is no need to use a separate SampleCell Init.

Pro Tools 4.0 users (when released) both NuBus and PCI should use the following core software combinations: DAE/DSI 3.1.

Again, the SampleCell Init is included with DSI 3.1 (and all future DSI versions) so there is no need to use a separate SampleCell Init.

If a SampleCell Init has a Red X mark in it while the Computer is starting up, it means that you have two SampleCell Inits, or DSI 3.0.3 (and above) and a separate SampleCell Init. Remember that you do not need a separate SampleCell Init for DSI versions 3.0.3 and above. Please locate the extra Init in your extensions folder (located in the System Folder) and remove the extra SampleCell Init.

• Bug Fixes

Problems with MIDI Time Code and IAC communication between the SampleCell Editor and other OMS applications have been resolved with this release.

• Installation and MIDI notes

SampleCell Editor 2.1.1 requires OMS® for MIDI services. Please use the enclosed OMS install disks to install OMS 2.1 in your system before running the SampleCell Editor.

The Digitest diagnostic test for SampleCell requires a cold start after use. After running Digitest to check your SampleCell cards, you must shut down your system (and expansion chassis) and then restart both before trying to run SampleCell.

Digital Performer users must use the OMS emulator included with FreeMidi in order to communicate with SampleCell. You should not load the FreeMidi OMS emulator and OMS at the same time, the two programs conflict with one another.

When running FreeMIDI with the OMS Emulator, you MUST first configure FreeMIDI by creating a FreeMIDI setup before launching SampleCell or Pro Tools, otherwise you will crash.

Digital Performer/FreeMidi/OMS emulator users will not be able to hear sequences in the background.

• With a sequencer running in the background

Entering the loop window can create delays in your MIDI sequence because the SampleCell card needs to repack the samples in memory on the card. Try to avoid using the Loop Editor while running a sequence in the background.

SampleCell Instruments become muted when loading or deleting samples on that specific card. When the load or delete operation is completed the samples resume playback.

If you switch between Large and Reduced Bank views when a sequencer is running in the background, SampleCell loses Solo and Mute settings for that bank for a brief moment.

If you load a sample and there is not enough memory in the card to load the sample, it's possible that the card may send garbage audio through the outputs until you stop and restart the sequence.

• General Read Me Items

Please turn down your Monitors whenever starting or shutting down your Mac. The SampleCell analog outputs can emit loud noises until the SampleCell/DigiSystemINIT loads.

If you want to hear both channels of a stereo sample from the Open dialog (or Add Keygroups), you need to set "Preview using Sound Manager" on in the preferences. Otherwise only the left channel will be heard through the SampleCell card when previewing samples.

There is no memory check when loading samples using the "Load All Samples" menu command located in the SampleCell Menu.

Please make sure that the SampleCell Editor has been launched before sending Time Code from a MIDI Interface to Pro Tools (on-line) or another app. The SampleCell Editor will crash if it is booted up while Time Code is being sent to the CPU.

The analog outputs of the NuBus card are wired: left channel ring, right channel tip.

The analog outputs of the PCI card are wired: right channel ring, left channel tip.

The audio cables supplied with your SampleCell Card are not always consistently wired.

If for some reason you decide to throw an instrument in the trash while that instrument is active in a bank, and you try to empty the trash, SampleCell Editor will not warn the user that the instrument is in use. Caution should be used in this regard.

• Manual Errata

In Chapter G, Reference, the picture of the Window menu shown is not complete. It does not show the Switch Bank View command.

OMS® is a trademark of Opcode Systems, Inc.

FreeMidi™ is a trademark of Mark of the Unicorn