Mbox with Pro Tools LE for Mac OS 9


Digidesign Hardware Supplied with System

  • Mbox
  • USB cable

Digidesign Software Compatiblity

Pro Tools LE Plug-In Finder

Third-Party MIDI Controllers & Interfaces

Qualified Floppy Drives

Optional Digidesign Hardware

Latest 2003 Apple Computers that are OS X Only

Some models of the newest Apple computers will only boot in OS X. It is not possible to choose OS 9 as a startup system, and Pro Tools 5 will not work with OS X "Classic Mode". It is not possible to have a dual boot system with Pro Tools 6 and Pro Tools 5 on these latest 2003 systems that will only boot in OS X. In order to use Mbox on these computers, Pro Tools LE 6.0 is required.

2003 OS X Only Models

  • Single Processor 1 GHz Power Mac G4
  • Dual Processor 1.25 GHz Power Mac G4
  • Dual Processor 1.42 GHz Power Mac G4
  • 867 MHz PowerBook G4 (12" screen)
  • 867 MHz PowerBook G4 (15" screen)
  • 1 GHz PowerBook G4 (15" screen)
  • 1 GHz PowerBook G4 (17" screen)
  • 800 MHz G4 iMac (15" screen)
  • 1 GHz G4 iMac (17" screen)


Supported CPU Models, Speeds & Requirements

Mbox is supported on all Macintosh computers that shipped with a built in USB port. USB ports on add-on PCI cards or cardbus adapters have not been tested.



  • All Pre-2003 PowerBook G4 *
  • PowerBook G3
  • iBook

* see 2003 OS X Only Models on the left

For a complete list of Apple computers that shipped with USB ports, see www.everymac.com and www.applespec.com

The Mbox should be connected using the included USB cable directly to the computer's USB port. Connection of the Mbox to a USB hub is not supported.

Additional Computer Requirements

System Software: Mac OS v9.1, 9.2, 9.2.1, or 9.2.2

  • 9.2.2 Recommended: Although 9.1 has been tested and approved, if you experience problems with system performance, Digidesign recommends updating to OS 9.2.2, available from www.apple.com or by using the Software Update Control Panel
  • You must boot computer in OS 9 — Pro Tools will not run using OS X or Classic mode

Total System RAM:

  • 192 MB minimum, 256 MB recommended. More RAM increases overall system and Pro Tools performance.
  • Pro Tools LE application "Preferred" memory allocation set to 40 MB
  • DAE "Preferred" memory allocation set to 30 MB
  • Additional RAM required for simultaneous use with MIDI sequencers
  • Virtual memory is not supported

CD-ROM drive for software installation

Opcode OMS v2.3.8 (OMS 2.3.8 installer is supplied on your Pro Tools CD)

Apple QuickTime v5.0 or higher (QuickTime 5.0.2 installer is supplied on your Pro Tools CD)

Screen Requirements

Monitor or Laptop, color required, minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 (note: early iBook models have a maximum screen resolution of 800 x 600)

Hard Drive Minimum Requirements

Storage: Hard Drive Minimum Requirements — information on ATA/IDE, Firewire, and SCSI hard drives