Power Mac G4 AGP — ToolBox/AM III PT 5/OS9

Power Macintosh G4 (AGP Graphics) — ToolBox & Audiomedia III

With Pro Tools LE Version 5.1.1 for Mac OS 9

Apple G4 (AGP Graphics) Computers Supported:

Single Processor


Dual Processor ***

350 MHz Power Mac G4  

Dual 450 MHz Power Mac G4

400 MHz Power Mac G4

  Dual 500 MHz Power Mac G4

450 MHz Power Mac G4

  Dual 533 MHz Power Mac G4

466 MHz Power Mac G4

  Dual 800 MHz Power Mac G4 QS
500 MHz Power Mac G4   Dual 867 MHz Power Mac G4 MDD
533 MHz Power Mac G4   Dual 1 GHz Power Mac G4 QS
667 MHz Power Mac G4   Dual 1 GHz Power Mac G4 MDD
733 MHz Power Mac G4 *   Dual 1.25 GHz Power Mac G4 MDD
733 MHz Power Mac G4 QS **    
800 MHz Power Mac G4 QS    
867 MHz Power Mac G4 QS    
933 MHz Power Mac G4 QS    
1.25 GHz Power Mac G4 MDD    

QS = "Quicksilver" models from 2001-2002
MDD = "Mirrored Drive Doors" models from 2002-2003
* Early "Digital Audio" 733 with level 3 cache
** "Quicksilver" 733 without level 3 cache.

*** Pro Tools 5.x does not utilize the second processor in Apple Dual Processor CPUs. If problems (such as -6042 errors) occur when using Pro Tools on a Dual Processor CPU, Digidesign recommends the following: Download and install ApplePCI - Apple Multiprocessor and G4 PowerBook Expansion Chassis Fix

The Apple Single Processor 1 GHz, Dual 1.25 GHz, and Dual 1.42 GHz Power Mac G4 "FW800" FireWire 800 models from 2003 will only boot with OS X as the startup system. Pro Tools 5.x will not work with Mac OS X or in "Classic" mode when booted in OS X, so these computers cannot be used with Pro Tools 5.x for Mac OS 9.

Additional Information

Additional Requirements

Mac OS 9.0.4 (earlyG4 models) or 9.1 (5-slot models) or 9.2.x (Quicksilver models) required

  • 5-slot 466 MHz, 533 MHz, 667 MHz, and 733 MHz (733 with level 3 cache) models require Mac OS 9.1 (pre-installed)
  • Quicksilver 733 MHz (without level 3 cache), 867MHz, and Dual 800 MHz models require Mac OS 9.2, 9.2.1, or 9.2.2 (pre-installed)

External Floppy Diskette Drive

Although not required with Pro Tools installation, an external floppy diskette drive may be required for some Plug-Ins installations. The following external USB diskette drives are currently supported:

  • Imation SuperDisk
  • NewerTechnology uDrive
  • SmartDisk USB Floppy Drive (model FDUSB-M, Color Kit Edition, formerly VST) Note: Information on VST brand products from SmartDisk can be found at: www.smartdisk.com

Links to software and drivers are available in the Digidesign Support/Downloads/Utilities Section:

  • SmartDisk (VST) Floppy Drive (model FDUSB-M)
  • Imation SuperDisk
  • NewerTechnology uDrive
  • PACE USB Floppy Enabler

Apple's revised USB support allows for booting from a USB drive, therefore you should not boot up your system with an authorization disk inserted in the USB Drive.

SCSI Accelerator (Host Bus Adapter) Card NOT required:

Although Pro Tools LE supports a full 24 tracks of record and playback on a dedicated ATA/IDE or Firewire hard drive, use of a SCSI HBA card with a SCSI drive can increase some performance aspects of your Pro Tools LE system. For more information refer to the Audio Storage Requirements page.

The following SCSI HBA cards are qualified with the PowerMac G4 desktop models with Pro Tools LE:

Digidesign SCSI|128 Kit (includes ATTO EPCI-UL3D Dual Channel Ultra3 SCSI Host Bus Adapter)

Digidesign SCSI64 Kit (with ATTO EPCI-DC Dual Channel Ultra/WIDE SCSI Host Bus Adapter)

ATTO EPCI-DC (Dual Channel Ultra/WIDE SCSI Host Bus Adapter)

ATTO EPCI-UL2D (Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI Host Bus Adapter, discontinued)

ATTO EPCI-UL3D (Dual Channel Ultra3 SCSI Host Bus Adapter - Model # EPCI-UL3D-000)

Note: The 66MHz version of the ATTO EPCI-UL3D (model # EPCI-UL3D-066) is not supported for use with Pro Tools systems, regardless of whether your Pro Tools system is installed on a 33 MHz or 66 MHz PCI bus. The 66 MHz version is tuned for performance on a 66 MHz PCI bus. However, when Pro Tools is installed in a 66 MHz PCI bus, it reduces the speed of the PCI bus to 33 MHz. As a result, you will receive superior performance with the 33 MHz UL3D, because it is tuned for a 33 MHz PCI bus.

Recommended ATTO settings for approved SCSI Host Bus Adapters with Mbox:

  • From the Sync Rate pop-up menu, select "20 (10)" (20 MB/sec at 10 MHz)
  • From the PCI Burst Rate pop-up menu, select "32"

Adaptec Power Domain SCSI HBA 2906 with the following requirements:


  • Adaptec 2940UW and 3940UW cards with G4s are unsuitable for full Pro Tools performance. Due to PCI bus related issues the Adaptec 2940UW and 3940UW SCSI HBA cards are unable to provide full Pro Tools performance. Additionally, Adaptec has discontinued these cards, and as a result there will be no future engineering support from Adaptec.
  • Optional SCSI HBA cards bundled (by Apple) with some G4 computers are not compatible with Pro Tools due to the lack of NVRAM to store the desired SCSI transfer rate.


Both USB and serial MIDI interfaces work effectively with Pro Tools. Serial MIDI interfaces require either a Mac serial port or a qualified modem-to-serial port adapter. Digidesign currently supports the GeeThree Stealth Port for G4 - AGP Video (Sawtooth), Stealth Port for Dual Processor G4s, or Griffin g4Port installed in the modem port (thereby not using a PCI slot).

When using the GeeThree products with OS 9.0.4, version 1.0.3 or higher of the Stealth Port extension is required, available here: http://www.geethree.com/download.html

Digidesign supports the following MIDI Interfaces for use with the 2001 models of Apple's G4s and Pro Tools® 5.1.1:

  • Digidesign MIDI I/O (USB)
  • MOTU Fastlane (USB)
  • MIDIport32 2x2 (USB)
  • AMT8 (USB/Serial)

While full testing will not be performed with older Pro Tools versions or older CPUs, we do not anticipate problems using these MIDI Interfaces.

Dual Monitor AGP Graphics Cards

  • Appian Jeronimo™ 2000 Macintosh (with version 1.4.1 drivers and the included firmware update. additional notes)
  • ProMax DH-Max (disable ProMax drivers when using with Pro Tools. Both monitors set to "thousands of colors" instead of 256. Not yet qualified with 13-slot chassis)
  • NVIDIA GeForce4 MX (as shipped from Apple — standard on the 933 MHz & Dual 1 GHz "Quicksilver" and Dual 867 MHZ Power Mac G4 "mirrored drive doors" models)
  • ATI Radeon 7500 (as shipped from Apple — standard on the 800 MHz Power Mac G4)
  • ATI Radeon 9000 Pro (as shipped from Apple — standard on the Dual 1 GHz & Dual 1.25 GHz Power Mac G4 "mirrored drive doors" models)

Note: The NVIDIA GeForce4 Titanium built-to-order option from Apple not yet tested.

* ProMax DH-Max Notes: Occasionally when booting a system with the ProMax DH-Max dual monitor card, the top portion of the monitors are black, the apple menu bar appears in the middle of the screen, the bottom portion of the desktop is unreachable, or the desktop may be offset to one side. A reboot will usually solve this problem. Otherwise, you can open the Monitor control panel and rearrange the monitors.

SampleCell II Support:

The PCI Matchmaker chip on a SampleCell card must be rev QC or QE (check the end of the line directly below "PCI Matchmaker" on the chip) to be compatible. Cards with rev Q chips can be upgraded.