Session Compatibility & Interchange

Pro Tools 7

New Session File Format (".ptf")

Pro Tools 7.0 uses a new session file format and extension (.ptf) to distinguish its sessions from sessions created with previous versions.

The new .ptf file format supports many new options for session compatibility and transfer as described in the following documents:

Session Compatibility

A Pro Tools 7.0 format session cannot be played on Pro Tools versions 6.9.x or lower. To save a 7.0 session that is compatible with previous versions of Pro Tools, use the File > Save Copy In command to choose the destination session format (such as 5.1–6.x) and other options. See the Pro Tools Reference Guide for details on session and file compatibility.

Pro Tools 7.0 and later session attributes are changed in the following ways when the session is saved to a prior version of Pro Tools:

  • Long file names are shortened.
  • Region groups are dropped.
  • Region loops are dropped.
  • Sample based MIDI regions are dropped.
  • Sample based MIDI tracks are dropped.
  • Sends F–J and automation (if any) are dropped.
  • Markers/Memory Locations 201–999 are dropped.
  • Instrument tracks are converted to MIDI and Auxiliary Input tracks.

All Pro Tools 7.0 Sessions Are Mac/PC Compatible

Sessions created and saved as Pro Tools 7.0 sessions are always compatible on both Windows and Macintosh systems.

The Enforce Mac/PC Compatibility option remains available in the Save Copy In dialog for saving sessions to be compatible with lower versions of Pro Tools. In addition, there are crossplatform limits to consider when completing the Save Copy In. For more information, see the Pro Tools Reference Guide.

Pro Tools 6

Using Pro Tools 6 to open sessions created in earlier versions

  • Pro Tools 6 sessions are fully compatible with sessions saved in earlier versions of Pro Tools
  • Avid Unity MediaNetwork Shared Storage Systems is currently not supported with Pro Tools 6 on Mac OS X. Pro Tools 6.1 for Windows XP added support for Avid Unity MediaNetwork.

Using earlier versions to open sessions created in Pro Tools 6

  • Pro Tools 5.1 or later will open a Pro Tools 6 session
  • If you wish to move a session created in Pro Tools 6 to a system using an earlier version of Pro Tools, you may first need to select "Save Session Copy In..." to copy all of your audio files to supported sample rates.
  • Pro Tools 6 will also allow you to select "Save Session Copy In..." to save a session in Pro Tools 5.0 or 4.0 formats.
  • All Digidesign-distributed plug-ins are forward compatible. For example, if you have D-Verb on your 5.x system and you open a 6.x session that used D-Verb, the session will open with the exact same plug-in settings.
  • Third-party plug-ins may or may not be compatible, depending on the plug-in. Any plug-in used in the 6.x session that is either not present on the 5.x system, or is not compatible with earlier versions of Pro Tools will be loaded as inactive, and a message will be displayed to inform the user.

More Information

Download Documentation

For more information, see the Support > Tech Support > Technical Document Library section. Complete details on sessions can be found in all Pro Tools 6 and higher versions of the PT Reference Guide.pdf, in Chapter: Sessions. Also included with new systems and Pro Tools CDs. Check your Documents or Release Notes & Documentation folder inside your Digidesign folder after installing Pro Tools.

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