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Digidesign Technical White Papers

  • The Pro Tools 48-Bit Mixer (929 k)
    • A Digidesign white paper by Gannon Kashiwa
    • This technical article provides detailed information about how the Pro Tools mixer operates. In so doing, we will demonstrate its summing characteristics and explain how a 48-bit "clean" mixer functions within the 24-bit TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) environment. By providing some "behind-the-scenes" information about mixing and summing in Pro Tools, we hope to shed light on a few myths about mixing "in the box" with Pro Tools, as well as provide you with a better understanding of the mechanics of summing signals.
  • DigiZine Tech Talk — Mixing in the Box (167 K)
    • A Digidesign white paper by Stan Cotey
    • This technical article provides a detailed look at some of the myths and legends surrounding the mix bus in Pro Tools.
  • PCIe vs PCI Power (34 k)
    • This document explains the technical differences between the PCI Express (PCIe) and PCI versions of the Pro Tools|HD system, and why for most users they both provide very similar DSP power.

iLok Information

Manuals and Documents

Digidesign VENUE — D-Show Documents

D-Show 2.0 & Other Current Documents

Previous Documents for D-Show 1.x

Digidesign ICON Integrated Console Environment



ICON Dolby® Configuration Drawings


  • See DigiDelivery Support to download:
    • DigiDelivery Client Send/Receive Guide
    • DigiDelivery Complete Guide

Pro Tools HD 7, Pro Tools LE 7, and Pro Tools M-Powered 7

Documentation Installers for Pro Tools 7 Web Updates

These installers will put these documents in the correct locations on your hard drive (in Digidesign\Documentation) so they can be accessed from the Help menu in Pro Tools 7. Included documents:

  • DigiBase Guide.pdf
  • Digidesign_FAQ.pdf
  • DigiRack Plug-Ins Guide.pdf
  • Keyboard Shortcuts.pdf
  • Menus Guide.pdf
  • Pro Tools Reference Guide.pdf

Individual Documents

System Specific

Optional Hardware & Software

Digidesign Sound Drivers

Pro Tools 7 Read Me Documents

Pro Tools 6

Mbox 2 with Pro Tools LE 6.8.1*

*Pro Tools LE 6.8.1 for Mac OS X and Windows XP is a special release included with Mbox 2 systems, which only supports Mbox 2 systems.

Pro Tools TDM & LE 6.9.2

Pro Tools TDM 6.9/6.9.1 & Pro Tools LE 6.9

System Specific

Optional Hardware & Software

6.9 Read Me Documents

Pro Tools M-Powered 6.8

Digidesign Products

Pro Tools AVoption, AVoption|XL, AVoption|V10, Avid Mojo, Media Station|PT

Avid Unity MediaNetwork

192 I/O

192 Digital I/O

96 I/O

96i I/O

1622 I/O

882/20 I/O

888/24 I/O

24-Bit ADAT Bridge I/O





  • See DigiDelivery Support to download:
    • DigiDelivery Client Send/Receive Guide
    • DigiDelivery Complete Guide

Digidesign CoreAudio for Mac OS X

DigiDrive & MediaDock II

DigiSnakes & Digi Cables

DV Toolkit for Pro Tools LE

Previous versions:


Previous versions:



ICON & D-Control


Earlier Guides:

MasterList CD

MIDI Control Surfaces (Legacy Controllers)


Motor Mix




SampleCell II Hardware

Soft SampleCell

SCSI|128 Kit

SCSI64 Kit



Earlier Guides:


VENUE & D-Show

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Other Technical Papers

Avid High-Definition (HD)

Pro Tools FREE 5.0.1 Documents

Individual Documents:

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Other Previous Documents

Pro Tools TDM & LE 6.7

6.7 Read Me Documents

Pro Tools TDM 6.7 Web Installer Documents

Pro Tools TDM 6.6 for Avid Mojo on Mac OS X

*Manual Errata: Avid Mojo does not support Serial Digital Interface (SDI) I/O. Page 9 of the Avid Video Peripherals Guide installed with Pro Tools 6.6 erroneously states "Connect the Avid Mojo Composite IN, Component IN, S-Video IN, or SDI IN connectors to the corresponding output or outputs on your VTR." and "Connect the Avid Mojo Composite OUT, Component OUT, S-Video OUT, or SDI OUT connectors to the corresponding inputs on your VTR."

Avid Pro Tools LE 6.5 for Avid Mojo

Pro Tools 6.4.1 for MIX Systems

Pro Tools 6.4

Pro Tools 6.4 Read Me Documents

Pro Tools LE 6.4 Web Installer Documents

Pro Tools 6.3 for AVoption|V10 for Windows XP

Pro Tools 6.2.3 for Mac OS X Panther

Pro Tools 6.2.2 for Mac OS X Panther

Pro Tools 6.2
For Pro Tools|HD & Accel Systems Only

Pro Tools LE 6.1.1

Pro Tools 6.1

Pro Tools LE 6.0.2 for Digi 002

Pro Tools 6.0.1

Pro Tools 6.0

Pro Tools 5.3

Pro Tools LE 5.3.2 for Digi 002

Pro Tools LE 5.3.3 for Mbox (Windows)

Pro Tools LE 5.2 for Mbox (Mac)

Pro Tools 5.1.3 for Macintosh TDM Systems

Pro Tools 5.1.1 for Mac & Win TDM & LE

Except for the above, the following version 5.1 documents also apply to Pro Tools 5.1.1 and higher

Pro Tools 5.1

Pro Tools 5.0.1

Pro Tools AVoption

Pro Tools 5.0

Pro Tools Mac v4

Pro Tools NT v4

Pro Tools 3.4

Previous DigiDrive

Previous ProControl

Previous USD

ADAT Bridge
for 20-bit ADAT Bridge, pre-24-bit version

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