Pro Tools|HD Systems for Windows XP — Avid Unity MediaNetwork Hardware Requirements

Pro Tools Systems

Dual Processors are required for Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel systems when used with AVoption|V10 or Avid Mojo.

Avid Unity MediaNetwork is supported by Pro Tools|HD & Pro Tools|HD Accel systems running Windows XP Professional on the following configurations only:

Supported CPUs — Avid UnityMediaNetwork

Pro Tools|HD & HD Accel Systems

With Pro Tools 6.9.1/6.9.3/7.0/7.1

With Pro Tools 6.9.1/6.9.3/7.0/7.1 and AVoption|V10 or Avid Mojo

With Pro Tools 6.4

With Pro Tools 6.4 and AVoption|V10

With Pro Tools 6.3 or 6.4

With Pro Tools 6.3 or 6.4 and AVoption|V10

With Pro Tools 6.2

Click on above links for important information about each CPU, including known issues with early HP xw8000 models.

Pro Tools|HD Systems with Pro Tools 5.3.1, 5.3.3, & 6.1

System RAM Requirements

  • 2 GB Minimum Required

Additional Information

Slot Order — Chassis Information

For information on slot order with AVoption|V10 and Avid Mojo, please see the following:

Important Information: For updated slot order information with the latest qualified configurations with and without expansion chassis, please refer to the Pro Tools Unity Client Configuration for Windows pages. With Windows XP, it is strongly recommended that you only use an expansion chassis if you have a Pro Tools|HD 3 system or greater.

Avid Components

  • For supported File Manager Hardware, MEDIArray Drives and MEDIArray drive enclosures, see the Avid documentation for your specific version of MediaNetwork software
  • MEDIArrayZX not tested

Fibre Channel Cards

Avid Part Number

ATTO 3300 (Optical)

  • Fibre Channel Card SCSI BIOS must be set to Scan Only or Disabled

Required firmware version for the ATTO 3300 Fibre Channel card:

  • MediaNetwork 4.0 requires ATTO Firmware version 2.4 and Driver version 2.4.2
  • MediaNetwork 3.5.x requires ATTO Firmware version 2.40 and Driver version 2.4a
  • MediaNetwork 3.4 requires ATTO Firmware and Driver version 2.4.0
  • MediaNetwork 3.3.4 requires ATTO Firmware and Driver version 2.3.2
  • MediaNetwork 3.0 - 3.3.3 requires ATTO Firmware and Driver version 2.3.1


Avid Part Number



Avid Part Number

Vixel 9200 16-Port
Vixel 7100 8-Port
Vixel 7200 16-Port

MediaNetwork 4.0 Qualification

Avid MediaNetwork 4.0 qualification is currently in progress. The following configuration has been qualified:

  • ATTO 3300 (optical) 2-Gigabit host bus adapter
  • Pro Tools HD 7 software running on any of the following Windows XP systems:
    • HP Workstation xw9300
    • HP Workstation xw8200
    • Dell Precision Workstation 670
    • HP Workstation xw8000
    • Dell Precision Workstation 650
  • Avid Unity MEDIArray II or MEDIArray ZX
  • Avid Unity MEDIASwitch 16-4Gb or VIXEL 16 port 2-Gb switch

Qualification of the 4-Gigabit host bus adapter with MediaNetwork 4.0 is currently in progress, and is expected to be completed in the first half of 2006. We will update the website with further information on MediaNetwork 4.0 qualification as it becomes available.

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