Control Surfaces & MIDI Interfaces

With Digi 002 Rack Systems with Pro Tools LE 6.9 for Windows XP

Control Surfaces

The following control surfaces are qualified for use with Digi 002 systems with Pro Tools LE version 6.9 software for Windows XP:

Legacy MIDI Controllers

The following control surfaces were not tested with Pro Tools LE 6.9, and therefore are not officially supported. The Pro Tools LE 6.9 Installer CD contains an "Unsupported Software" folder with the following control surface personality files:

  • JL Cooper CS-10 MIDI series
  • JL Cooper MCS 3000 series MCS-Panner
  • Peavy PC-1600

Please Note: The Pro Tools TDM and LE 6.9 CDs for Windows XP inadvertently included older versions of these 3 files. Windows users should download the newer versions from April 12, 2005, posted on May 6, 2005:


  • D-Control. D-Command, and ProControl control surfaces are are not compatible with Pro Tools LE systems
  • The Digi 002 Rack does not include any hardware faders. The built-in faders on the Digi 002 desktop unit cannot be used to control any device other than that same Digi 002.
  • Pro Tools 6.0 and later no longer supports and will not install the Penny & Giles MM-16 and DC-16 Control Surface Personality Files
  • Only one Command|8 can be used with a Pro Tools system. Multiple Command|8 units cannot be enabled simultaneously.
  • Command|8 must be the only MIDI control surface enabled within Pro Tools.
  • Command|8 can be used in combination with non-MIDI control surfaces such as Control|24 with some limitations. For more information, see the Command|8 Guide.
  • Asante network cards are not recommended for Pro Tools systems using Ethernet controllers such as Control|24. If an Asante network card is in your system, it can cause Ethernet controllers to go on/offline every few seconds, and you will not be able to maintain a reliable connection to the Control|24.

For third-party devices such as the MoterMix, HUI, CS-10 or PC-1600, see the MIDI Control Surfaces Guide in the Technical Document Library:

MIDI Control Surfaces (Legacy Controllers)

MIDI Interface


The Digi 002 Rack includes a built-in MIDI interface with 1 MIDI In port and 2 MIDI Out ports, providing up to 16 channels of MIDI input and up to 32 channels of MIDI output. (only with Digi 002 Rack, cannot be used as a standalone MIDI interface)

Optional MIDI Interfaces

The following MIDI Interfaces are also qualified for use with Digi 002 Rack systems with Pro Tools LE version 6.9 software for Windows XP:

  • Digidesign MIDI I/O - USB MIDI interface with 10 MIDI I/O ports, supporting 160 MIDI channels
  • Emagic Unitor8, AMT8, MT4
  • Roland MPU64, UM2, UM4

Windows XP Software/Drivers/Firmware for the MIDI I/O:

Known Incompatibilities & Issues

  • System instabilities and performance issues can occur when using MIDI control surfaces in conjunction with Pro Tools 6 and 3rd party MIDI interfaces. For best multiport MIDI performance, we recommend using Digidesign's MIDI I/O. (only if additional MIDI ports are required beyond the 16 in/32 out built into the Digi 002 Rack)

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