Control Surfaces & MIDI Interfaces with Pro Tools|HD Systems for Windows XP

The following devices are qualified for use with Pro Tools|HD systems with Pro Tools 6.2 software:

Control Surfaces

  • Digidesign ProControl (with up to 5 Fader Packs and an Edit Pack)
  • Digidesign Edit Pack
  • Digidesign/Focusrite Control|24
  • CM Labs MotorMix™
  • JL Cooper CS-10™ MIDI series
  • Mackie Designs HUI™


  • New MIDI control surface features are provided through the latest Control Surface Personality files installed with Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 6 no longer supports and will not install the Penny & Giles MM-16 and DC-16 Control Surface Personality Files
  • The faders on a Digi 002 cannot be used to control any device other than itself
  • Asante network cards are not recommended for Pro Tools systems using Ethernet controllers such as ProControl or Control|24. If an Asante network card is in your system, it can cause Ethernet controllers to go on/offline every few seconds, and you will not be able to maintain a decent connection to the ProControl or Control|24.

For more information on using control surfaces with Pro Tools, see the ProControl Guide, Control|24 Guide and MIDI Control Surfaces Guide in the Technical Document Library

MIDI Interfaces

The following MIDI Interfaces are qualified for use with Pro Tools TDM systems with Pro Tools 6.2 software for Windows XP:

  • Emagic AMT8/MT4 (using Win2000 drivers)
  • Roland MPU64/UM2/UM4

Note: To ensure compatibility, check with the manufacturer of the various system devices you plan to use, to ensure that you are using the latest software or drivers for Windows XP.

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