Expansion Chassis Requirements — Pro Tools 5.3.3 HD Systems for Windows XP

Expansion Chassis Requirements — Pro Tools|HD Systems

With Pro Tools 5.3.3 for Windows XP

Up to 7 HD cards can be used in a single ProTools|HD system

  • 1 HD Core card
  • Plus up to 6 HD Process cards
  • Or any combination of HD Core and HD Process cards up to 7 total
  • Only 4 HD cards are useable when using 176 or 192 kHz sample rates, with or without an expansion chassis

The following Expansion Chassis are officially qualified for use with Pro Tools|HD systems:

13 Slot Chassis

  • SBS (Bit3) 13 Slot Expansion Chassis — model DD23
  • SBS (Bit3) 13 Slot Expansion Chassis — model 24-700-2-2
  • SBS (Bit3) 13 Slot Expansion Chassis — model 240-2-2
  • SBS (Bit3) 13 Slot Expansion Chassis — model 240-2-201

For further information about these products, please contact your Authorized Digidesign Dealer and ask for the Digidesign Development Partner Catalog, or available online at www.DigiDevelopers.com

Expansion Chassis Requirements

SCSI Accelerator Cards

  • Chassis must have 3.3 volt power supply
  • Chassis PCI bridge chips must be compliant with the PCI v2.1 specification
  • Requires 2 or 4 ft Expansion Chassis cable - 6 ft cables not supported
  • CPU requirements: a SCSI boot drive and disabling of any active IDE drivers when an Expansion Chassis is used.

For more information about expansion chassis setup and card order configurations, please see the Pro Tools TDM 5.3.3 Windows Addendum PDF in the Technical Document Library of the Support/Tech Support section of the website.