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November 2005

Pro Tools 7 HD, LE, and M-Powered installers


Command|8 Control Surface Installation with Pro Tools 7

The drivers for the Command|8 control surface are installed during Pro Tools installation, either from the Pro Tools 7 Web Installer or the Pro Tools 7 CD:

  1. Run the Pro Tools 7 HD, LE, or M-Powered installer application:
    • On Windows XP, put a check mark in the box next to "Command 8 Controller and Driver"
    • On Mac OS X, the Command|8 software is installed by default when installing the Pro Tools application software
  2. Follow the prompts in the installer application

Windows XP Installation Additional Details

In addition to Pro Tools 7.0, Windows XP users must also select the Command|8 Controller and Driver option when installing their software to ensure that the proper Windows components are included. First, connect and turn on your Command|8. When the ‘Found New Hardware’ dialog appears, do not cancel it. Continue by launching the Pro Tools Setup executable and checking the appropriate components, including Command|8. When complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer and then you may begin using Pro Tools with Command|8.

The Command|8 software installer is also available separately on the Pro Tools 7 CD in the following location:

  • \Controllers\Command8 Installer\Command8 Setup.exe

Current Command|8 Firmware
Firmware App V02.01.02.srec - October 2004

Windows XP

Installing the Command|8 software also installs the following files to your \Program Files\Digidesign\Command8 directory:

  • C8FirmwareUpdater.exe
  • App V02.01.02.srec

Mac OS X

The Mac OS X Firmware Updater with firmware App V02.01.02.srec can be found in the Additional Files folder on the Pro Tools 7 Mac OS X CD, or download from the link below.

April 2005


Firmware App V02.01.02.srec

Command|8 Installer for Windows XP 2.9 MB

Command|8 Installer for Windows XP

From the Pro Tools 6.9 CD. Includes Firmware:

  • App V02.01.02.srec

Installs Command|8 Firmware Updater & drivers, Command|8 Guide and Read Me documents.

Download Contents:

  • Command8 Setup.exe
  • Command8 Read Me.pdf (with installation and firmware update instructions)
October 2004 Firmware App V02.01.02.srec Command|8 Firmware Upgrader for Mac OS X 1.5 MB

Command|8 Firmware Upgrader for Mac OS X

From the Pro Tools 6.7, 6.9.x, and 7.x CDs.

Download Contents:

  • C8FirmwareUpdater
  • Firmware App V02.01.02.srec
  • Command8 Read Me.pdf (with firmware update instructions)
  • Command8 Guide.pdf

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  • Download Aladdin's FREE Stuffit Expander for Mac
  • Windows ZIP (.zip) format downloads should be "Saved to Disk" first, rather than opened on the internet. These can be expanded on Windows XP systems by right-clicking on the downloaded files and choosing "Open".

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