Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs12 Update

For Pro Tools|HD & Pro Tools|HD Accel Systems Only
With Pro Tools 6.4 on Windows XP

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Note: Users should also download and install the Pro Tools 6.4cs6 Plug-in Updater (if they have not done so already). Those fixes are not included with 6.4cs12. It does not matter if you install the Pro Tools 6.4cs6 Plug-In Updater before or after Pro Tools 6.4cs12.

February, 2005

Will not work without Pro Tools TDM 6.4 for Pro Tools|HD or Pro Tools|HD Accel systems already installed.

From the Included Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs12 Read Me:

What's Fixed in Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs12?

Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs12 for Windows XP contains the following:

Fixed: Looping compressed video with preroll when using AVoption|V10 would cause Pro Tools to stop at the loop point (Item #52962)

  • When looping compressed video with preroll turned on, Pro Tools would stop at the loop point and display the error message "Video playback stopped due to software decompression error"

Fixed: When importing an OMF from Avid Adrenaline (Macintosh), Pro Tools does not recognize the file locators (Item #54860)

  • Pro Tools would create placeholders for each unrecognized file rather than finding the file, thereby necessitating a relink. Occurs on local and Unity configurations.

Fixed: File overviews were being recalculated every time a session was reopened (Items #54861, 56252)

  • Conditions could occur which caused a corrupted Cache.wfm file, thereby triggering the waveform recalculation each time a session was reopened. Occurs on local and Unity configurations.

Fixed: Unity - File overviews were being recalculated during session open, rather than in the task manger (Item #54862)

  • OMF media on Unity would cause a condition where waveform overviews were being created during session open, rather than in the background.

Fixed: Unity – Digibase was seaching for video files only by unique ID(Item #54863)

  • Restricting the search for video files to the unique ID attribute would lengthen the time it took to relink files.

Fixed: Incorrect start time when importing an OMF (Item #54870)

  • When double-clicking on an OMF, Pro Tools would apply its own start time to the OMF sequence rather than using the OMF sequence start time.

Fixed: Drag and drop of an OMF into a session doesn’t import video media (Item #55930)

  • When dragging and dropping an OMF with video from the workspace browser into an existing session, no media would be present even after selecting the video track and relinking to media.

Fixed: Unnecessary translation notes were being created for effects when importing an OMF (Item #57679)

Fixed: Unity – Problems when extracting audio from an embedded OMF (Item #57681, 57684)

  • After opening an OMF on a Unity volume and saving session on a local volume, selecting "copy" or "consolidate audio" did not work correctly.

Fixed: Problems when using "Save Session Copy In…" from a session referencing embedded OMF files (Item #57682)

  • "Save Session Copy In…" with audio did not work correctly if the session was referencing files from an embedded OMF.

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs11:

Fixed: Pro Tools could become unstable when using HTDM plug-ins (Item #56344)

  • When using HTDM plug-ins, playing back for an extended period of time could cause the computer to freeze, necessitating a reboot.

Fixed: The left-surround output of a mixer could be 6 dB too hot in certain configurations (Item #56031)

  • It was possible for the Ls output of a surround mixer to be 6 dB too hot when new summing mixers were created

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs10:

Fixed: System Slowdown when Using AVoption|V10 (Item #55446)

  • When playing back or scrubbing video using AVoption|V10, the responsiveness of Pro Tools would diminish, resulting in "Pro Tools not responding" messages.

Fixed: Video from a PAL-Referenced AVoption|V10 Intermittently out of Synchronization with Audio (Item #55276)

  • When referenced to PAL and using AVoption|V10, audio and video can get out of synchronization after stopping and starting play while generating time code from Pro Tools.

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs9:

Fixed: Intermittent Pops or Incorrect Audio when Playing a Session (Item #54406)

  • When playing a session, occasional pops or random audio could be heard. The problem could be exacerbated by using a high Hardware Buffer setting.

Fixed: Potential Crash when Opening Sessions Containing Assigned MIDI Inputs or Outputs (Items #52092, 54498)

  • A crash occurred when opening some sessions that had saved MIDI sources or destinations.

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs8:

Fixed: When Using Pro Tools in +12 dB Fader Gain Mode, the Level on Bus Paths or Hardware Outputs Could Be Incorrectly Increased by 6 dB (Item #51907)

  • Reconfiguring the mixer on a large session where the surround mixer is spread out over multiple DSPs could result in buss paths or hardware outputs increasing in level by 6 db. In this state, Master faders on these paths would not work. Prior to this fix, the only workaround was to "save session copy" with +6 db selected.

Fixed: Meters can display incorrectly in post-fader meter mode in a +12 dB session (Item #50256)

  • When using Pro Tools in post-fader meter mode in a +12 dB session, the meter level would start to decrease with a full code signal when the fader gain was more than +10 dB. While this issue also affected the stereo mixer on 6.4, only the surround mixers have been fixed with this CPR.

Fixed: When Importing or browsing OMF media that referenced certain SD II files, Pro Tools Would Crash (Item #51931)

  • Pro Tools 6.4 crashes when importing an OMF or browsing OMF media containing SDII audio with a .OMF extension.

Fixed: Problems when Relinking SD II media containing a .omf extension (Item #51955)

  • Pro Tools 6.4 would fail to relink, or crashed when attempting to relink SD II audio with a .OMF extension.

Fixed: Sample-Rate Error messages when importing an OMF (Item #49709)

  • When importing certain OMFs, Pro Tools would display the error, "Could not create a new document because: an unexpected error happened while trying to determine the file’s audio sample rate."

Fixed: Attempting to export an OMF could result in an Assertion (Item #53147)

  • If an off-line file in a Pro Tools session was named "????," attempting to export an OMF would result in an assertion.

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs7: None

  • There was no 6.4cs7 release for Pro Tools TDM on Windows XP

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs6: None

  • Note: Customers should also download and install the Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs6 Plug-in Updater. Those fixes are not included in 6.4cs12.
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Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs5:

Deleting A Selection On A Track Could Cause Other Regions To Be Deleted (Item #41391, 48214)

  • A session could get into a state where deleting a portion of a track could result in multiple regions being deleted.

Object Selector Could Not Select Regions On Duplicated Tracks (Item #42891)

  • It was not possible to object-select regions after duplicating a track that contained an existing object selection.

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs4:

Assertions or Runtime Errors When Trying to "Save Session Copy In" (Item #48208)

  • When performing a "Save Session Copy In" from a session to another location on a different drive, an assertion or runtime error could be thrown.

Muting a Track With an HTDM plug-in Would Still Allow Audio to Pass Through (Item # 46313)

  • This bug would happen if there were more than 8 total HTDM streams in a session, and if at least one of the HTDM plug-ins had a different number of inputs than outputs.

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs3:

Errors In Entries While Using Feet+Frames (Item #49042)

  • When the timeline display was set to Feet+Frames, entry errors occurred when using pull factors.

Crashes Occurred When "Use Scrub Window" Was Disabled for AVoption|V10 (Item #47159)

  • When using AVoption|V10, if "Use Scrub Window" was disabled, scrubbing picture would result in a crash.

Client Monitor Would Go Black When Scrubbing Video On AVoption|V10 (Item # 49543)

  • When using AVoption|V10, if "Use Scrub Window" was enabled, the video output would go black when scrubbing. Now the last frame played is displayed.

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs2:

Japanese Characters Not Displaying on D-Control (Item #48509)

  • When using the Digidesign D-Control with Pro Tools 6.4 (Japanese version only), Japanese characters were not being displayed

Fixes Included from Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs1:

Pro Tools Could Not Lock in Machine Control's "Remote Mode" with Pro Tools as Time Code Slave if Session Contained Avid Video (Item #46973)

  • When using Machine Control's 9-Pin Remote Deck Emulation mode with Pro Tools as the time code slave (Windows only), time code lock could not be achieved if Avid Video was in the session, and the video was "online."

Failure When Using Large AAF Sequences (Item #47851)

  • When the user opened a large AAF sequence, imported session data from a large AAF sequence, or viewed a large AAF sequence in DigiBase browsers, Pro Tools would sometimes hang without opening the session forcing the user to re-launch the Pro Tools application.

Who Should use Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs12?

This update is recommended for all Pro Tools TDM 6.4 users and contains fixes in the following areas:

  • Importing and exporting OMF sequences or sessions referencing OMF files
  • MIDI
  • Mixing in Surround formats
  • HTDM plug-in support
  • Importing or exporting OMF sequences into or from Pro Tools
  • Importing AAF sequences into Pro Tools
  • Relinking files with a .omf extension
  • Editing
  • Using the "Save Session Copy In" function
  • Feet+Frames display mode
  • Avid Video with AVoption|V10
  • D-Control for customers who are using the Japanese-localized version of Pro Tools

Important: Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs12 is provided as an interim "customer support (CS)" release to address the issues described. While our testing has not shown these changes to introduce other problems, this version has not been fully qualified by Digidesign.

Updating Pro Tools

To update to Pro Tools 6.4cs12:

  1. Verify Pro Tools TDM 6.4 is installed on your Pro Tools|HD or Pro Tools|HD Accel system.
  2. Quit the Pro Tools application if it is open.
  3. Locate the Pro Tools 6.4cs12 installer and launch it.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Pro Tools 6.4cs12.
  5. When installation is complete, restart your computer.

If you have installed previous updates, some file versions may not change. This update installs the following files:

  • ProTools.exe (6.4cs12)
  • File.dll (6.4cs12)
  • FireBOB.dll (6.4cs12)
  • DAE.dll (6.4cs12)
  • Cfd.dll (6.4cs12)
  • DigiMidi.dll (6.4cs12)
  • DAE.dll.rsr (6.4cs11)
  • Dalwdm.sys (6.4cs11)
  • ProTools.rsr (6.4cs10)
  • Surround Mixer.dpm (6.4cs8)
  • Surround Mixer.dpm.rsr (6.4cs8)
  • Surround Dithered Mixer.dpm (6.4cs8)*
  • Surround Dithered Mixer.dpm.rsr (6.4cs8)*
  • File.dll.rsr (6.4cs8)
  • File_Resource804 (6.4cs8)
  • File_Resource411 (6.4cs8)
  • File_Resource412 (6.4cs8)
  • ProTools_chs.rsr (6.4cs7)
  • ProTools_jpn.rsr (6.4cs7)
  • ProTools_kor.rsr (6.4cs7)
  • PT_Resource411.dll (6.4cs7)
  • PT_Resource412.dll (6.4cs7)
  • PT_Resource804.dll (6.4cs7)
  • DAE_Resource804 (6.4cs7)
  • DAE_Resource411 (6.4cs7)
  • DAE_Resource412 (6.4cs7)
  • Cfd_Resource804 (6.4cs7)
  • Cfd_Resource411 (6.4cs7)
  • Cfd_Resource412 (6.4cs7)
  • StreamManager.dll (6.4cs4)
  • D-ControlResource411.dll (6.4cs2)

*The Pro Tools CS installer replaces each version of mixer at their current location.

Download Instructions — Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs12 Update

For best results, use the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows XP. Other browsers may not work properly with this download. This Pro Tools TDM 6.4cs12 Update requires a Pro Tools|HD or Pro Tools|HD Accel hardware system with Pro Tools TDM version 6.4 software already installed.

For Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel Systems
with Pro Tools TDM 6.4 Software for Windows XP Only

(includes support for Japanese, Korean and Chinese Simplified Operating Systems)

27.5 MB Windows ZIP file (.zip)


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