Digidesign DINR Plug-In Update

DINR Plug-In 7.0cs1 for Mac OS X
For Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|HD Accel Systems on Mac OS X 10.4 with Pro Tools HD 7.0 and Higher

December 22, 2005

From the included DINR Plug-In 7.0cs1 Read Me:

What's Fixed in the DINR Plug-In Version 7.0cs1 for Mac OS X?

Fixed: DINR AudioSuite and DINR TDM cannot be used in the same Pro Tools session. (Item #71209)

  • Trying to use DINR AudioSuite while DINR TDM is on any track will unexpectedly quit the Pro Tools application.
  • This problem only occurs on Pro Tools HD 7 for Mac OS X. DINR for Windows XP is not affected.

Who Should Use DINR 7.0cs1 for Windows XP and Mac OS X?

  • This update is recommended for all DINR and DINR LE users with Pro Tools|HD systems on Mac OS X with Pro Tools 7.0 and higher.
  • Although the problem only occurs with Pro Tools HD 7 systems with both DINR TDM and DINR LE plug-ins, we recommend that all Pro Tools HD 7 users with only DINR LE also use this update for compatibility with other Pro Tools HD 7 systems.
  • Although not necessary on these systems that do not use DINR TDM, the DINR LE version included with DINR 7.0cs1 is also compatible with Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools M-Powered, and Avid systems on Mac OS X with Pro Tools 7.0.

Important: DINR 7.0cs1 for Mac OS X is provided as an interim “customer support (CS)” release to address the issues described. While our testing has not shown these changes to introduce other problems, this version has not been fully qualified by Digidesign.

What's the difference between DINR and DINR LE?

The full version of the DINR plug-in product includes both of these plug-ins:

  • DINR (TDM version, named Broadband Noise Reduction TDM in your plug-ins folder)
  • DINR LE (AudioSuite version, named Broadband Noise Reduction LE in your plug-ins folder)

DINR LE includes only the Broadband Noise Reduction LE plug-in.

The installer will give you the choice of installing both the TDM and LE plug-ins, or just the LE version.


DINR requires an iLok authorized with the following licenses:

  • The full DINR plug-in requires iLok authorizations for DINR and BNR LE
  • DINR LE requires an iLok authorization for BNR LE

Download DINR 7.0cs1

10 MB Mac OS X Disk Image (.dmg)


DINR Information & Official Release Downloads

Note that the DINR and DINR LE v7.0 Macintosh official release downloads elsewhere on the Digidesign Web site and on the Pro Tools 7 installation CDsdo not include the fixes in DINR v7.0cs1. The DINR v7.0cs1 installer will replace your previous version of DINR and/or DINR LE.

To download the official release versions of the DINR Plug-In installers, Plug-In Guide, and Read Me documents, please visit the following section of the website:

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