Direct I/O

Direct I/O is a Digidesign Extension that allows a Direct I/O-compatible application to communicate with Digidesign audio hardware. Many popular audio sequencer applications and software synthesizers use Direct I/O to send and receive high-quality audio to and from Digidesign Hardware.

In order to use Direct I/O, just put it into your Extensions Folder along with the DigiSystem Init (DSI). If you are also using Pro Tools or Pro Tools LE 5.0.1 or lower, you will need to swap back in the 5.0.1 DSI before launching Pro Tools.



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Jun. 2001
279 k
Ships with Pro Tools & LE 5.1.1. To install: place this in your System Folder/Extensions.

Feb. 2001


Digidesign® Direct I/O 5.1

280 k

Direct I/O 5.1 fixes two important MIDI/001 bugs.

  1. Some users were getting garbled MIDI notes when recording MIDI into their app through the Digi 001.

  2. Some users were having problems receiving sysex messages through the Digi 001.

Both of these bugs are fixed with Direct I/O 5.1.



DAE/DIO 5.0.1cs3

1.5 MB

DAE/DIO 5.0.1cs3 Update (For Macintosh)

For Audiomedia III — Fixes Static on Left Channel

View/download the Read Me (pdf, included in download)



Direct I/O 5.0.1a


269 k

The Digidesign Direct I/O library, v5.0.1a, is a shared library that goes in your System Folder/Extensions folder along with DigiSystem(tm) INIT 5.0.1. It is needed for third-party Mac OS applications that use Direct I/O to access Digidesign hardware. Before the release of v5.0.1, the Direct I/O library was part of the DSI. With 5.0.1 we have separated out the Direct I/O library from DSI, so you now need them both in your Extensions Folder. This version of the Direct I/O library also has a fix in it for 882|20 users who were seeing double occurrences in the peripheral list. A Read Me document (with installation instructions) is included with the download.

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