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*Installer revised 09/02 adding Digi 002 install option


Install Soft SampleCell 3.1 for Macintosh

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Macintosh BinHex (.hqx) archive. Free Soft SampleCell update version 3.1 for all Soft SampleCell 3.0 owners. Authorization required.

The Install Soft SampleCell 3.1 Download Includes:

All of the above components are built into and installed by the "Install Soft SampleCell" application. The text from this download page with the Soft SampleCell 3.1 Q & A below is also included in the download as a separate document:

System Requirements

  • A Digidesign-qualified Power Macintosh computer with at least 16 MB RAM available for SampleCell Editor (please see the Digidesign Compatibility Documents for more information)
  • Apple System software version 9.0.4 or later
  • A 17-inch or larger color monitor; black and white monitors are not supported


  • Download to your hard drive
  • Expand the download using Stuffit Expander v5.1 or higher
  • Open the folder named "Soft SampleCell 3.1 Installer"
  • Double-click the file named "Install Soft SampleCell"
  • Follow the on screen instructions
  • Re-start

Soft SampleCell 3.1 & SampleCell II Cards

  • Soft SampleCell 3.1 also supports SampleCell II PCI or SampleCell II Plus PCI cards if you have both Soft SampleCell and SampleCell II hardware.
  • If you have a SampleCell II PCI or SampleCell II Plus PCI card, but do not own Soft SampleCell, you can download the free SampleCell Editor 3.1 for Macintosh and use that instead.

* Note: Installer Revised September 2002

New Revision B of this installer fixes an installation incompatibility with Digi 002 systems caused by older versions of the Soft SampleCell CD ROM v3.1. If you are running the Soft SampleCell v3.1 installer from CD ROM and you don't see an install option for "Soft SampleCell for Pro Tools HD and Digi002" please download and use the Rev B installer from this web page. If you are not a Digi 002 owner you can continue to use the regular CD ROM installer without adverse effects. Components are the same, only the installer has changed.


Soft SampleCell 3.1 Q & A

Q: Will Soft SampleCell v3.1 work with existing authorization keys?
A: Yes, Soft SampleCell v3.1 is backward compatible with v3.0 authorization keys.

Q: What's new in Soft SampleCell version 3.1?
A: Soft SampleCell version 3.1 adds support for sample rates up to 192 kHz and expands the simultaneous voice count up to 96.

Q: Can I mix and match samples with different sampling rates and bit depths?
A: Yes. For example, you can use 44.1 kHz and 192 kHz samples simultaneously. Soft SampleCell will automatically recognize the sample rate and set its internal parameters accordingly to guarantee constant pitch.

Q: I know Pro Tools|HD supports up to 192 kHz sample rates, but what about Pro Tools LE? What happens if I try to use 192 kHz samples with Pro Tools LE?
A: Pro Tools LE supports sample rates up to 48 kHz with Digi 001 or ToolBox, and 96 kHz with Digi 002. If the output sample rate is set lower than the sample rate of the audio files you are attempting to open, Soft SampleCell will automatically perform a non-destructive sample-rate conversion when loading files into memory.

Q: What happens if I try to open a 96 kHz audio file on SampleCell II hardware?
A: The new versions of Soft SampleCell and SampleCell II Editor support nondestructive sample-rate conversion when loading samples to fit high definition audio files on the SampleCell II hardware. If you are opening a 24-bit/96 kHz sample on SampleCell II, it will automatically be dithered and converted to a 16-bit/48 kHz file.

Q: Has the Soft SampleCell latency changed in version 3.1?
A: Generally speaking: no. Soft SampleCell's latency depends on two factors: the selected output driver and the output sample rate. If you increase the sample rate of a system, its latency will decrease. For example, if you set the output driver to DirectConnect, the standard latency will continue to be 11 ms at 44.1 kHz and change to 5 ms at 96 kHz and less than 3 ms at 192 kHz.

If you experience download or decoding problems, see the Download Help FAQ

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