Digi ToolBox - Audiomedia III Specifications

Digi ToolBox & Audiomedia III Specifications

Pro Tools LE and Audiomedia III Cross-Platform System (discontinued)

Audiomedia III Photos - I/O Labels

Digi ToolBox™ XP is a cross-platform solution for music, sound design and multimedia production from Digidesign®. At the heart of Digi ToolBox XP is the Audiomedia III™ card, established as the most popular high-quality audio interface ever. Audio enthusiasts of all disciplines use this simple PCI card to get better than CD-quality audio into and out of their computer. With 18-bit analog stereo I/O and 24-bit S/PDIF digital I/O, Audiomedia III makes it easy to interface with a small mixer or transfer DAT recordings.

With Pro Tools® LE, Digi ToolBox XP provides access to real-time processing, mixing power and high track count. Coupled with the high-quality I/O and proven reliability of the Audiomedia III, Digi ToolBox XP is an extremely cost-effective solution for digital audio production.

Since Digi ToolBox XP is an integrated hardware/software system, there is no need for concern over compatibility issues. The only thing you'll need is an approved Macintosh® or Windows® computer with one available PCI slot.


  • Two Analog Inputs: (-10dBV, unbalanced RCA connections)

  • Two Analog Outputs: (-10dBV, unbalanced RCA connections)

  • Analog Converter Resolution: 18-bit, 1-bit Delta-Sigma; 128x Oversampling

  • Stereo Digital Input and Output: (S/PDIF, RCA connections)

  • Maximum Digital Resolution: 24-bit

  • Used together, the analog and digital inputs (or outputs) function as 4 simultaneous inputs (or outputs) with Pro Tools LE


  • Pro Tools LE software

  • DigiRack™ Real-Time AudioSuite™ (RTAS™) and AudioSuite Plug-Ins

  • Audiomedia III card

  • Two pairs of RCA Cables


  • Digidesign approved computer running Mac® OS or Windows 98/Me/XP

  • To use Pro Tools LE on Windows 98 SE, version 5.0.1 or higher is required

  • To use Pro Tools LE on Windows Me, version 5.1 or higher is required

  • To use Pro Tools LE on Windows XP, version 5.3.1 or higher is required

Note: Pro Tools LE software upgrades for Audiomedia III or ToolBox owners can be purchased from the DigiStore or your local Digidesign Dealer

Paid upgrades are full installers which do not require prior installation of Pro Tools software.


  • Two 18-bit analog inputs -10dBV unbalanced RCA

  • Two 18-bit analog outputs -10dBV unbalanced RCA

  • 24-bit stereo digital input and output (S/PDIF RCA)

  • THD: 0.008% (relative to 1kHz, 22Hz - 22kHz)

  • Signal-to-noise ratio (A/D/A): 88dB unweighted, band-limited (22Hz - 22kHz); 90dB "A" weighted

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