Legacy Products Compatibility Information

Legacy Products Compatibility Information

For Discontinued Products & Older Software Versions

Current compatibility can be found in the Digidesign Support section.

Both current and legacy manuals and other documents can be found in the Technical Docments Library

Digidesign systems have specific performance requirements. In order to minimize potential conflicts or incompatibilities, Digidesign tests various CPU's, peripherals, and configurations for compatibility.

About These Documents

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The documents below detail configurations tested and approved by Digidesign with previous, discontinued products or previous versions of Pro Tools.

Current Compatibility Documents

Previous Compatibility Documents:

Pro Tools 5.1.1- 5.3 Product Family Compatibility Documents
From May 2002. Does not include Current Pro Tools Information

Pro Tools 5.1 Product Family Compatibility Documents
From May 2001

Pro Tools 5.0.1 Product Family Compatibility Documents

Pro Tools 5.0.0 Product Family Compatibility Documents

Pro Tools Family Feature Guide

From March 2000. Feature comparison and descriptions of various Pro Tools and Pro Tools LE systems.

Pro Tools 4.3.1 PCI Systems/Pro Tools 4.2.6 for Windows NT Compatibility

Supported hardware, previous Digidesign software, and CPU configurations for the entire ProTools Mac and NT Family, including Pro Tools PowerMix 4.3.1. (September 20, 1999)

Hard Drives Qualifed for Pro Tools 4 Systems

Compatible drives tested and approved by Digidesign as of June 8, 1999

Digidesign NuBus Systems Compatibility List

  • Pro Tools III Systems
  • Pro Tools Project Systems
  • Pro Tools PowerMix Systems
  • SampleCell II Systems
  • Audiomedia II Systems

Session 8 PC Qualified Drives

AM III with Session PC Qualified Drives

USB Floppy Drives For Blue & White G3 and G4 systems

Digidesign and many of our Development Partners use key-disk copy-protection for applications and plug-ins. The 1999 and later Blue & White G3 and G4s do not include a built-in floppy drive. A USB drive capable of reading floppy disks may be required for Software installation. Only certain USB floppy drives are qualified for use with Pro Tools systems:

Digidesign-qualified external floppy diskette drives (USB floppy drive)

General Pro Tools Compatibility Information For Macintosh

Amp Farm: Amp Farm is only compatible with PCI TDM systems, not NUBUS.

ProTools version chart:
Consult the table below to find out what plugin and MacOS versions are compatible with your older ProTools software version. Mac OS 8.0, 8.1, and 8.5.1 are supported with these versions. OS 8.5 is not supported

 ProTools DAE d2 d3 DINR DPP1 Dfx DFi DVerb Maxim MC

3.4, 3.4.1, 3.4.2

1.4 1.2 2.3, 3.2 1.5 1.1 1.3 1.5, 1.6 1.1 1.01

Plugin versions listed for 4.3 are obtained by installing the "upgrade plugins" option from the respective ProTools CDs.In order for this to work you must have the 4.0 compatible plugins already installed in your DAE folder.

Other Digidesign Software and MacOS 8.x:

Sound Designer II 2.83, Masterlist CD 1.4 or higher, Post Conform 1.1, and SampleCell Editor 2.1.1 are all compatible with 8.x. Pre-4.0 ProTools, Session Software, and Session 8 are not compatible with MacOS 8.x.