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The Digidesign Compatibility Documents contain information for currently shipping systems and software

Pro Tools Software Requirements — General Overview

  • All Digidesign Pro Tools hardware/software systems include Pro Tools TDM or LE software, at no additional charge
  • Pro Tools software is not sold separately, except as version upgrades for existing Pro Tools hardware systems, and Pro Tools M-Powered software for M-Audio hardware
  • All Pro Tools TDM & LE software requires compatible Digidesign hardware in order to work
  • Pro Tools TDM & LE software will not work in "standalone" mode without Digidesign hardware
  • Pro Tools M-Powered software will not work in "standalone" mode without M-Audio hardware
  • Pro Tools TDM and LE software cannot be used with third-party sound cards and hardware without Digidesign hardware

The only exception to this is Pro Tools FREE software for Mac OS 8.6/OS 9 and Windows 98/Me, which works in standalone mode with the Apple Sound Manager in Mac OS 8.6/OS 9 and some Sound Manager compatible third-party hardware in Mac OS 8.6/OS 9. Pro Tools FREE for Windows 98/Me requires a sound card. See the Pro Tools FREE compatibility documents for more information.

Expanding Digidesign Hardware I/O

  • Only Pro Tools TDM systems can be expanded with extra cards and audio interfaces
  • Only a single Pro Tools LE hardware system can be accessed by Pro Tools LE
  • While Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, and Digi 001 Pro Tools LE systems can all be expanded using third-party A/D and D/A hardware up to 18 simultaneous I/O using the 8 ADAT light pipe connection and stereo S/PDIF connections, 2 LE systems cannot be used together on the same computer.

Please Note: Pro Tools software versions prior to Pro Tools 6.0 are not compatible with the Mac OS X operating system, or in "Classic" mode when booted in OS X. In order to use Pro Tools 5 with the Mac OS, it is necessary to boot in OS 9 on Apple computers. Choose OS 9 in your Startup Disk control panel or hold down the Option key while booting, then choose OS 9.

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