Pro Tools 6.7 Documentation Installers


For Pro Tools TDM 6.7 Systems on Mac OS X & Windows XP

Pro Tools 6.7 Documentation

The Pro Tools TDM 6.7 Update downloads include these documents with the update application:

In order to reduce the download size, other documentation is not included with the Pro Tools TDM 6.7 web updater applications for Windows XP and Mac OS X.

The Mac OS X and Windows XP installers below will automatically install the Pro Tools TDM 6.7 documents systems in the correct location on your startup drive.

Who Should Download These Installers?

The following downloads are ONLY for users installing Pro Tools TDM 6.7 using the Pro Tools 6.7 web installers for Windows XP or Mac OS X.

All Pro Tools 6.7 upgrade and update CDs will include installers for these documents. If you have either an update or upgrade CD for Pro Tools TDM 6.7, you do not need to download this installer.

All other Pro Tools TDM 6.7 documents are available in the Support > Tech Support > Technical Document Library, including the Getting Started Guides for your system. All of these documents are automatically installed if you are installing from the Pro Tools TDM 6.7 CD.

Pro Tools TDM 6.7 for Mac OS X Documentation Installer


28.6 MB MacBinary (.bin) file for Mac OS X

Pro Tools TDM 6.7 for Windows XP Documentation Installer


42.1 MB ZIP (.zip) file for Windows XP

Download Help

  • If you experience download or decoding problems, see Download & Website Help
  • Mac downloads require Stuffit Expander 5.1.2 or higher (included with Mac OS X)
  • Download Aladdin's FREE Stuffit Expander for Mac
  • Windows ZIP (.zip) format downloads should be "Saved to Disk" first, rather than opened on the internet. These can be expanded on Windows XP systems by right-clicking on the downloaded files and choosing "Open".

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