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07/02 2.3.1


for Digi 001 & ToolBox Mac

400 k

Control|24 With Digi 001 & ToolBox Mac Pro Tools LE Systems

This download consists of the Control|24 personality file allowing Pro Tools LE users to use the Control|24 hardware with the Digi 001 or Toolbox/Audiomedia III Pro Tools LE systems.

Requirements for using Control|24 hardware with Digi 001 or ToolBox Mac Systems:

PLUS either of the following:

*DigiStudio & Rocket Network discontinued. Support for Control|24 is the only feature in 5.2.1 over Pro Tools LE 5.1.1 for Digi 001 and Toolbox/Audiomedia III or 5.2 for Mbox.

Installation instructions are included with the download:

The downloaded personality file named "Control|24" should be copied to the following location on your Pro Tools system hard drive:

System Folder ->
DAE Folder ->
Controllers ->

Control 24 Software Already Installed:

The following systems do not need to download this software, as it is already installed during the Pro Tools installation:

  • Mbox
  • Digi 001 & ToolBox owners with Pro Tools LE 5.3.1 for Windows XP Home
  • All Pro Tools LE 6.0 and higher systems
  • All Pro Tools TDM 5.1.1 and higher systems


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