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Pro Tools|HD for Macintosh Systems

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In order to use Pro Tools 5.3.1r2, you must first run the Pro Tools 5.3.1 installer, either from the Pro Tools 5.3.1 CD or the Pro Tools 5.3.1 download:
Pro Tools 5.3.1 for Pro Tools|HD Macintosh Systems

Instead of downloading 5.3.1r2, you may wish to download one of the newer Pro Tools CS Updates instead, which include the fixes from Pro Tools 5.3.1r2, plus additional fixes. Please be advised that Pro Tools 5.3.1r2 is a fully qualified and tested release, while CS fixes have not been tested to the same extent.

What's Fixed in Pro Tools 5.3.1r2?

This version contains fixes for the following problems found in Pro Tools TDM 5.3.1 for Macintosh:

  • Assorted issues when using PRE in conjunction with ProControl & Control|24
  • The Feet.Frames ruler was incorrectly calculated when session frame rate was set to 29.97
  • Inserting silence into a MIDI track did not always displace automation data accordingly
  • DirectConnect plug-ins or applications like Soft SampleCell and Native Instruments did not work with the 192 Digital I/O

Who Should Use Pro Tools TDM 5.3.1r2?

This release has been fully qualified by Digidesign, and should be used by all Pro Tools|HD users on Macintosh-based systems, though if you do not use PRE, MIDI tracks, 192 Digital I/O or the Feet.Frames ruler, you will gain no advantage by updating from version 5.3.1.

What's Included In This Download

  • Pro Tools 5.3.1 (Pro Tools application, version 5.3.1r2. The file is named "Pro Tools 5.3.1" for installation purposes)
  • Pro Tools TDM 5.31 Read Me.pdf (Acrobat document, updated to include Pro Tools 5.3.1r2 information)
  • Digidesign StreamManager (System extension)
  • Control|24 (personality file)
  • ProControl (personality file)
  • An Acrobat PDF version of this page with installation instructions

Updating Pro Tools 5.3.1 Software to Version 5.3.1r2

In order to use Pro Tools 5.3.1r2, you must first run the Pro Tools 5.3.1 installer, either from the Pro Tools 5.3.1 CD or the Pro Tools 5.3.1 download:
Pro Tools 5.3.1 for Pro Tools|HD Macintosh Systems

Pro Tools 5.3.1 r2 download instructions:

  1. Download Pro Tools 5.3.1r2 from the download link below
  2. If the download file named "pt531r2.hqx" does not expand automatically, double-click or open with Stuffit Expander 5.1 or higher
  3. Open the Folder named "Pro Tools 5.3.1r2"

You will need to manually install the individual files using the following instructions:

Installing the Pro Tools 5.3.1 version 5.3.1r2 application:

  1. Drag the new Pro Tools 5.3.1 application into the Pro Tools folder within your Digidesign folder
  2. Click OK to replace the older version

Note that if you have changed the memory allocation assigned to Pro Tools 5.3.1 from the default setting, you will need to repeat the process and change the memory allocation for Pro Tools 5.3.1r2.

Installing the Digidesign StreamManager extension:

  1. Double-click your startup drive to open it
  2. Drag the new Digidesign StreamManager extension onto your closed System Folder, which will automatically ask to put it in the Extensions folder
  3. Click OK to replace the older version.

Installing the ProControl and Control|24 personality files:

  1. Open your System Folder/DAE Folder/Controllers folder
  2. Drag the new ProControl and Control|24 personality files into the Controllers folder
  3. Click OK to replace the older versions

Should you need to revert to the "older" versions of this software, run the Pro Tools 5.3.1 installer, or drag the files from the 5.3.1 installer CD.

Digidesign StreamManager_128:

There is also a new StreamManager_128 version with the 192 Digital I/O fix that is not included with this download. If you are using the 192 Digital I/O, and you wish to also use the 128 sample buffer version of StreamManager with the fix for the 192 Digital I/O rather than the standard 512 sample buffer version in this download, you will need to download Digidesign StreamManager_128 version 5.3.1r2 separately. (370 k download)

Download Instructions

Your registered Pro Tools 5.3 serial number is required to download. This can be found in the following location:

  • Inside the front cover of your Getting Started With HD Guide


Pro Tools 5.3.1r2 For Mac OS

This Mac download is a 16.1 MB BinHex (.hqx) encoded file

which requires Stuffit Expander 5.1.2 or higher

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If you experience download or decoding problems, see the Download Help FAQ

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