Pro Tools 5.3 R4 Update

Pro Tools 5.3 R4 Update

For 192 I/O & DA-88

DigiTest 5.3.2 and Pro Tools 5.3 R4 ship with the 192 Digital I/O. The following information and download is for use when connecting DA-88 and Compatible Decks to either the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O. This download includes an installer for both DigiTest 5.3.2 and Pro Tools 5.3 R4, adding support for DA-88 and TDIF-1 word clock standards when connected to the Pro Tools|HD 192 I/O interface.

In order to use Pro Tools 5.3 R4 that supports DA-88 and TDIF-1 word clock standards when connected to the Pro Tools|HD interface, you must first update the firmware of your 192 I/O to firmware version 3.00 using the included DigiTest 5.3.2 and the instructions from the included DigiTest 5.3.2 Read Me.

If you have the 192 Digital I/O, it is not necessary to update your firmware, or to download this update. The 192 Digital I/O ships with firmware version 3.00 installed and includes Pro Tools 5.3 R4.

DigiTest 5.3.2 Read Me

Updating the Firmware of Pro Tools|HD Audio Interfaces

To update the firmware of your audio interface with DigiTest:

  1. Quit any open applications before launching DigiTest.

  2. Double click the DigiTest application icon. When DigiTest opens, a text based listing of supported cards is displayed, in which each card type and its slot location is identified.

  3. Click the Info button for the card to which the audio interface you want to update is connected. The Slot Information dialog will open.

  4. In the Slot Information dialog, click the Update button. The Peripheral Firmware Update Tool will open.

  5. Click the Begin Update button. The firmware will be updated for the specified audio interface.

  6. When you are done, quit DigiTest and restart your computer.

Pro Tools 5.3 R4 Read Me

April 30, 2002

Pro Tools TDM 5.3 R4 Update for Pro Tools|HD (Macintosh Systems Only)

  • Provides the following fix for both the 192 Digital I/O and 192 I/O

Addendum to the 192 Digital I/O and 192 I/O Guides

The following item was omitted from the 192 Digital I/O and 192 I/O Guides

Connecting DA-88 and Compatible Decks to the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O

The Pro Tools Hardware Setup dialog now features a checkbox to support DA-88 and TDIF-1 word clock standards.

TDIF-1 Word Clock

This checkbox changes the I/O's Word Clock output to conform to TDIF-1 word clock standards. This choice is only available when the session sample rate is 48 kHz or lower and when the Ext. Clock Output port (to the right) is set for Word Clock output.

Figure 1. New Hardware Setup Dialog, with TDIF Word Clock checkbox

To transfer information to a Tascam DA-88 across TDIF:

  1. Install a 75-ohm BNC shunt terminator on the Word Sync Input of the DA-88 (The DA-88 will not lock to the Word Clock output of the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O without a terminator in place).

    Terminating the Word Sync Input of the DA-88 can be accomplished by using either of the following: a T-connector (one side of the "T" has the terminator on it, the other the Word Clock cable from the 192 I/O or 192 Digital I/O) or an in-line terminator

  2. Connect the Ext. Clock output cable from the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O to the Word Sync Input of the DA-88.

  3. Set the Tascam DA-88 clock mode for Word Clock.

  4. In Pro Tools, choose Setups > Hardware.

  5. Follow the Hardware Setup configuration steps in the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O Guide to set up your audio interface.

  6. From the Ext. Clock Output pop-up menu, select Word Clock.

  7. Check the TDIF-1 Word Clock mode checkbox in the Pro Tools Hardware Setup dialog. This checkbox changes the Word Clock output of the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O to conform to TDIF-1 word clock standards. This checkbox is only available at 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rates.

  8. Complete the installation instructions in the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O Guide.

Also Includes the Following Fixes

From Pro Tools 5.3cs2: Fix for a problem with MachineControl where control of the 9-pin deck may have failed if using the SYNC I/O serial ports

When using the MachineControl option to control a 9-pin deck connected to either of the SYNC I/O's 9-pin ports, if Pro Tools transport is set to "Transport = Pro Tools," the 9-pin deck did not consistently locate properly when given a play command. Instead of the deck locating to the pre-roll position and starting playback after playback was started in Pro Tools, the deck did not always locate to the pre-roll position properly, so the play command was never executed. This problem did not occur if the 9-pin deck was connected using a compatible Modem-to-Serial or USB-to-Serial Converter.

From Pro Tools 5.3cs1: Fix for Incorrect Undo Queue Clearing when Spotting into Pro Tools from certain Third Party Applications

With Pro Tools TDM 5.3, spotting regions from third party applications (such as Gallery's SampleSearch and Soundminer Inc.'s Soundminer), into Pro Tools TDM 5.3 would cause the Undo queue to be incorrectly cleared. Consequently any preceding changes that were not saved before spotting into Pro Tools were lost. Pro Tools TDM 5.3cs1 corrects this problem.

Who Should Use this Update?

This update should be used only by:

  • Pro Tools TDM 5.3 Macintosh users with either the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O that need to also connect DA-88 and Compatible Decks

  • Pro Tools TDM 5.3 Macintosh users without the above configuration that have not downloaded Pro Tools 5.3cs2 that need the fixes listed on the Pro Tools 5.3cs2 Download Page (if you do not need to use DA-88 and Compatible Decks with either a 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O, you may prefer to just download Pro Tools 5.3cs2 for those specific fixes)

Important: We recommend that only the Pro Tools users specified above use this update. Pro Tools TDM 5.3 R4 is provided as an interim release to address the issues described. While our testing has not shown these changes introduce other problems, this version has not been fully qualified by Digidesign.

What's Included In This Download

Updating Pro Tools

To use this fix, you'll need to replace your existing versions of the Pro Tools application.

  1. Download Pro Tools 5.3 R4

  2. If the download file named "pt53r4.hqx" does not expand automatically, double-click or open with Stuffit Expander 5.1 or higher

  3. Open the Folder named "Pro Tools 5.3 R4"

  4. Double-click on the application "Install Pro Tools 5.3r4"

An installer log named "PT 5.3r4 Installer Log" will be generated. The installer application will place the following Pro Tools version 5.3r4 files in the following locations on your Pro Tools system drive:

  • Digidesign:Pro Tools: Pro Tools® 5.3

  • System Folder:DAE Folder: DAE™

  • System Folder:Extensions: DHS.shlb

  • System Folder:Extensions: Digidesign® Direct I/O

  • System Folder:Extensions: DSI.shlb

  • Digidesign:Pro Tools:Pro Tools Utilities: DigiTest™ 5.3.2

  • Digidesign:Pro Tools:Pro Tools Utilities: DigiTest 5.3.2 Read Me.pdf

  • Digidesign:Pro Tools:Release Notes & Documentation: PT TDM 5.3 R4 Read Me.pdf (includes the instructions above for connecting DA-88 and compatible decks to the 192 Digital I/O or 192 I/O)

Note that if you have changed the memory allocation assigned to Pro Tools 5.3 from the default setting, you will need to repeat the process and change the memory allocation for Pro Tools 5.3 R4.

If you want to revert to the earlier version of Pro Tools, replace the Pro Tools 5.3 R4 components by dragging the original versions from the Pro Tools 5.3 Installation CD-Rom to your hard drive. Previous versions of Pro Tools 5.3cs2 and DigiTest 5.3.1 are available in the Support/Downloads section of the website

An Acrobat pdf version of this web page is also included with the download for future reference.

Download Instructions

This Pro Tools 5.3 R4 file requires a Pro Tools|HD system with Pro Tools 5.3 already installed.

Your registered Pro Tools 5.3 serial number is required to download. This can be found in the following location:

  • Inside the front cover of your Getting Started With HD Guide

Pro Tools 5.3 R4
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