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Pro Tools 5.0.1 & LE 5.0.1 and higher
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Pro Tools 5.0 & LE 5.0 and higher
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Pro Tools 4.3.2 and lower

TrackTransfer 2.1 and higher, which shipped with Pro Tools 5.0 and Pro Tools LE 5.0, does not support 4.x and earlier session files. If you need to transfer tracks between older sessions, do one of the following:

  • Open the session in Pro Tools 5.0 and save, then use TrackTransfer 2.1.x

  • Use TrackTransfer 2.0.3 to move the tracks. Pro Tools LE 5.0 users may prefer this method when opening sessions with more than 24 tracks, since it would allow access to all tracks in the session. Opening a 4.x session in Pro Tools LE 5.0 will truncate the session to the first 24 tracks.

The TrackTransfer Utility is built into Pro Tools 5.1 and higher. From the "What's New in Pro Tools 5.1" document:

Import Tracks from Sessions
You can now import any track (audio, MIDI, video, auxiliary input, or master fader) from version 5.1 or earlier Pro Tools sessions. Imported track properties include: track names, track comments, plug-in insert assignments, regions, fades, and automation playlists.

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