Digi 001 Factory Upgrades

Pro Tools LE & Digi 001 Factory Bundled Plug-Ins for Mac OS X

Pro Tools LE 6 for Mac OS X

Pro Tools LE 6.4 Upgrade for Digi 001 Owners

Pro Tools LE 6.4 is the last version of Pro Tools that will work with the Digi 001. The specially priced upgrade for Digi 001 owners that have not already upgraded to Pro Tools LE 6 is only available from the online DigiStore

Look under Pro Tools Legacy Upgrades on the US store, listed on the left side. Or under Pro Tools Upgrades on the European stores. To complete your order, you will need your Digi 001 hardware Serial Number which can be found on the back or bottom of your 001 breakout box (the audio interface part, not the PCI card).

Your Digi 001 does not have to be registered, and you do not need to have any previous installation of Pro Tools to use the full installers. You will be able to download after you order, and you will also automatically be sent the Pro Tools LE 6.4 CD.

Digi 001 Factory Bundled Plug-Ins for Mac OS X

Please note that the discontinued Digi 001 Factory bundle was a separate product from the regular Digi 001 product. The Digi 001 Factory was a special bundle that included additional plug-ins and a pre-authorized Digi 001 Factory iLok USB Hardware Key. Your dealer invoice and product registration would say Digi 001 Factory on it rather than Digi 001 if you purchased the Digi 001 Factory.

The Digi 001 Factory bundle included the following bundled plug-ins. To upgrade these plug-ins for Mac OS X compatibility with Pro Tools LE 6 please follow the instructions below:


  • D-Fi
  • D-Verb
  • Maxim

The Mac OS X updates for D-Fi and Maxim on the Pro Tools 6 CD will work with the pre-authorized iLok USB Hardware Key that came with your Digi 001 Factory. Run the "Update Plug-Ins" application on your Pro Tools LE 6 CD and choose D-Fi and Maxim to update your plug-ins for OS X compatibility. Or download from the Pro Tools LE 6.4 Optional Software & Plug-In Updates page.

D-Verb is automatically installed as a DigiRack Plug-In with Pro Tools LE 6 and requires no additional authorization.

Bomb Factory

  • Classic Compressors: 1176
  • Classic Compressors: LA-2A
  • moogerfooger™ Lowpass Filter

The free Mac OS X updates for the Bomb Factory plug-ins included with the Digi 001 Factory can be downloaded from the Digidesign website:

  1. Go to the Bomb Factory Legacy Plug-Ins page
  2. Download the following:
    Digi 001 Factory Plug-Ins for Pro Tools 6 on Mac OS X (18 MB)
  3. Run the installer and choose: Classic Compressors: 1176 and LA-2A and moogerfooger™ Lowpass Filter

In order to authorize these 3 free updates, you will need the pre-authorized iLok USB Hardware Key included with your Digi 001 Factory purchase. Your Digi 001 Factory iLok will also authorize these versions of these three plug-ins on the Bomb Factory Legacy Plug-Ins page:

Upgrading Bomb Factory Plug-Ins to Version 4

The upgrade to version 4 of these plug-ins is free for all original registered owners of the Digi 001 Factory. You will need to do the following:

  1. Upgrade to Pro Tools LE 6 if you have not already done so. (see Pro Tools LE 6.4 Upgrade for Digi 001 owners at the top of this page)
  2. Go to www.iLok.com and create a free iLok user account. Register your iLok on that account.
  3. Contact Digidesign Customer Service Administration with your iLok User ID and information on where your Pro Tools LE 6 upgrade was purchased.
  4. Once we have verified that you are registered for Pro Tools LE 6, Digi CS will deposit licenses to your iLok account for version 4 of these 2 Bomb Factory plug-ins: BF-2A and moogerfooger™ Lowpass Filter

After you have received your version 4 licenses, you can download the software form the following sections:

Note that you will not have authorizations for the Purple Audio MC77 in this version of the Classic Compressors bundle, or the other 3 moogerfooger plug-ins in the moogerfooger Bundle.

Digidesign iLok Information:

For updates, visit the PACE website to Download the latest iLok Drivers


  • Supertap
  • Metaflanger
  • Q10EQ

For Service and Support go to to www.waves.com

The upgrade to Mac OS X compatibility for Digi 001 Factory iLok owners is free for customers covered by the Waves Update Plan (WUP). You can find complete details on WUP in your Waves registration account at register.waves.com under the "Get WUP" link.

Version 4 Downloads

Digi 001 Factory Bundle – iLok Support

  1. Go to www.waves.com
  2. Click on the Download link at the top of the page
  3. Click on the Version 4.0 Downloads link
  4. Click on Digi 001 Factory Bundle with iLok

That will take you to the following: The below downloads add V4 iLok support for Digi001 Factory Bundle owners. Note: Please read the included Read Me files carefully for detailed installation instructions. There are 3 downloads, for Windows XP, Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X.

Native Instruments


DYNAMO is not available for Mac OS X. From the Native Instruments DYNAMO web page:
"Please note: DYNAMO is not available anymore. The successor will be the much more powerful REAKTOR SESSION. Registered users of DYNAMO will have the opportunity to upgrade to REAKTOR SESSION for a reduced price."

REAKTOR SESSION is now available for Mac OS X. For special upgrade pricing, see Dynamo Upgrade in the REAKTOR SESSION section of the Native Instruments website: www.nativeinstruments.de

More Information:

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